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Example of a theoretical framework

The past research and studies reveal that development of self-management and problem solving among adolescents with diabetes is a current issue of concern whose development leaves individuals with some questions to answer. It is clear that experts are trying to implement ways to increase physical activity, technological use and implement healthier food alternatives to maintain blood glucose levels. Many researchers agree that within the adolescent population, self-management to treatment in diabetes often decreases, resulting in a higher hemoglobin A1C levels.

  While there is an abundant amount of available research and information on the topic of self-management and problem solving of diabetes control, there is very little research precisely addressing technological use for diabetes self-management. This is concerning because today’s generation consist of technology. There is a constant need for advancement in technology in every aspect of the health field. Diabetes is therefore still a serious problem among the adolescents individual as the problem has not yet been investigated. The problem, therefore, advances to another level whereby the management becomes a problem as the issue itself has not been determined. Some researchers, however, recognize the importance of incorporating technological aspect in the intervention into the issue in question. The struggle of such literature does not still fit in the contemporary society since the community still has not adjusted to accept the requirements of technology in the solution of the problem. Besides the unwillingness of the society to fit the current trends expectations, the individual communities cannot manage the components which define the requirements. Diabetes is therefore still a major problem among the adolescents.

Studies reveal that diagnosis on Diabetes is not conducted that frequently. However, the level at which the disorder has managed to be prevalent should influence the health sector to be so active that it tends to determine the section of the adolescent population that is a victim. Studies should, therefore, go an extra mile in the determination of what could be the problem which would prevent the diagnosis on this common disorder. This concern follows the keen consideration of how common the condition is, especially, among adolescents. It would be advisable for the health practitioners to demonstrate their concern in identifying the part of the population which is already affected by this issue. Literature should also be working with this expectation among the health officers by determining what could be preventing them from seriously getting into such problem.

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Theoretical framework in research example

The chances of developing the disease depend on several factors such as lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors. Besides the mentioned factors, some diseases also have the ability to develop into diabetes.; Youths require such knowledge so that they would have the capacity to fight the disease adequately. The knowledge would only be imparted to such children through the effort of the health sector. Literature is also reliable sources of the related pieces of information for the children who have usually been the victims. It is a requirement that the children understand the background information about the major causes of diabetes such that they would adjust to ensure they are safe from the disease. Literature should, therefore, be comprehensive enough to inform the children about the causes, effects and the symptoms of the disorder. This would put the youths at a position to be able to fight the problem adequately. They would show a willingness to fight it among themselves and ensure safety from it.

However much literature has the freedom to criticize the failure of the society to help the children fight against diabetes, others can also have the right to criticize them. The issue of management and problem solving in ensuring that diabetes is no longer a problem is a global problem. Therefore, it is advisable for one to stop and think of why the problem could persist. The underlying issue is likely to be problem underwent by the children and the society in general in their struggle to have a community free of the disorder. The biggest issue is the financial issue whereby only a few have the ability to raise the adequate amount for the issue. The management of the disorder demands a lot of effort regarding financial support from an adolescent or anyone concerned with their health progress. If the problem is left with the child him/herself, it could be worse since children barely have the ability to raise their money to cater for the financial needs of control and management of the disorder.

Based on the research information and the subsequent theoretical framework, it can be deduced that there is no adequate information regarding the problem solving and management of diabetes among the adolescents. It is most likely that the problem may persist and worsens off.; Should the health practitioners fail to more effort in the issue, they would still be a society where diabetes is a common problem among the youths. Researchers should, therefore, study and come up with comprehensive information about the issue, which would impart the related knowledge among the adolescents.