Future of Nursing – Term Paper

Future of nursing report

Transformation in the health care system can be reached at an accelerated pace through the involvement of nurses in the formulation of favourable policies that aim at utilising their skills and potentials to achieve seamless and quality healthcare for everyone.

Policies that support nurses’ advancing learning can be developed to help nurses cope up with the ever changing medical practice. More efficient and modern ways of medical care come up with technology. Hence nurses need to be updated on how to take better care of their patients. Such is possible through an allowance for advancing their degrees while on practice. It can be realised by first establishing flexible schedules that can allow one to further their education. Informing the stakeholders on the benefits of adapting to the changing medical practice can make them approve of it (Rosseter, 2014).

The future of nursing

Policies that allow nurses to practice their professional field of study without limitations should also be adopted. Such action calls for a review of the current roles of nurses accompanied by a later development of new or additional roles for them to improve access to care while containing the costs of such care. Test results have demonstrated an equivalent output of the quality of healthcare provided by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physicians. Therefore, policies that prevent nurses from fully practising the extent of their training should undergo a revision (Rosseter, 2014).

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A system that has an increased number of nurses at the leadership boards from their current estimates should also be adopted. Their individual participation in major decision-making processes by airing their points of view to the management and policy formulation boards can brighten the future of nursing, as they are also mandated to air out their opinions, supporting their practice, thus improving it (Combes, 2012). Current stakeholders can be addressed of the challenges facing nurses, some of which, can only be handled well if nurses are involved in decision-making positions.


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