Future of Nursing – Term Paper

Nursing is a known profession based on the concern of people’s health care and ensuring that patients are attended to appropriately. Nurses play a vital role in safeguarding patient’s health care. According to The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, nurses should practice to the full range of their education and training. They are required to use the knowledge in ensuring that patients receive the right medication for their illnesses. Also, the nurses should attain higher levels of education and training via an improved school system that endorses unified academic progression. It is to ensure the services provided are of acceptable standards.

Moreover, The Robert Wood Foundation believes that effective workforce planning and policymaking need better data collection and information infrastructure. Thus, nurses should be full partners, with doctors and other health care professionals, in restructuring health care in the United States. Moreover, using social media the major concerns to be discussed will include health, well- being and equity. The three elements have an impact on people’s welfare, and thus, they should be addressed evenly. However, improvement of health is the core rudiments compared to well- being and equity. It is because having a recommendable health one will be in a position to acquire equity as well as obtaining a well-being. 

Also, good health will aid people in establishing their visions and making the right choices for the opportunities given. It is because everyone has the right to access affordable and quality healthcare. Moreover, choosing appropriate health keeps everyone in the right mind to make wise decisions. Also, it lessens the economy burden in sustaining people to unwarranted healthcare spending. Therefore, attaining good health should be a primary concern having using social media to discuss issues.

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