TOEFL waiver request letter sample – Term Paper

The test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) is a standard test that is mainly used to verify foreign student’s capabilities to speak and write proper English. Due to various reasons, I feel that TOEFL should be waived and that I should not be liable to pay TOEFL fees. One of these grounds is that I have been using English for my early childhood education and I am fluent in both written and spoken English. Since I began my education, the medium of instructions has been strictly English since I attended institutions that host diverse people from English speaking communities. My work experience has been with various organizations that have been publicly listed, and English is then official working language.

Waiving TOEFL will play a significant role in saving both time and money since there is no need to test an individual that is obviously good at English. From the year 2005-2010, I have enjoyed numerous privileges to work with multinational companies that embrace English as their official business language. During this period, I lived in Dubai, London, and Singapore; and English is the common language in these three countries. Hence, living and working in these countries has exposed me to better communication skills and techniques. I am certain that I cannot disappoint when it comes to business communication in the English language because I am confident that I have acquired more than adequate skills from the countries named above. My wife whom I married in the year 2010 is also a native English speaker meaning that my home language is English.

I moved to the US in the year 2011, and since then I have been living and working here. Through the years, I have offered my services to various reputable organizations such as John Hancock and Fidelity Investments. I have been working at the mid-management level where my objective is to focus on complex projects within the organization. I have also been focusing on cutting edge technology in areas that involve a lot of spoken and written English, thus; acquiring excellent skills in the language is not an exception. I graduated from Jordan where I was doing a software engineering course in one of the reputable institutions in Jordan, and I am currently working as a project manager. Software Engineering requires proper and adequate English skills for one to understand what is being taught in class. This is because the study involves complex terms and vocabularies that one may not properly understand if he/she is not fluent in the language. Pursuing my master’s degree in the US will be convenient for me since the majority of institutions here use English as their official language. It will be good for me if TOEFL is waived since I have given more than enough reasons as to why I should not be subjected to the test. I am confident that I will make a reputable and distinguished software programmer after I am through with my masters’ education.

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