UCAS Personal Statement for Business Management – Term Paper

The desire to pursue business management began when I got enrolled in a senior school. Education not only empowers an individual regarding employability but also shapes one’s intellect tools which necessarily constitute creative and critical thinking. I consider my personality in light of confidence which appropriately fits management related endeavors. My confidence in articulating issues propelled me to the levels of a school captain. The experience earned in school leadership attributed to the captainship role in the school organization inculcated management skills regarding time and human resources at school. 

The world is fast moving away from the traditional norm where graduates looked for job employment to the point where the society expects graduates to create jobs. The challenges of unemployment among many youths compel me to study business management with an assurance that I would ably create employment for other vulnerable colleagues graduating from colleges with little hope of securing jobs and me. I want to adequately use and practice my teamwork skills to manage my organization while positively impacting my society ably. I believe in practicality as opposed to the general consumption of knowledge with little space of applying it.  

However, I succinctly understand the academic qualification for the business management course the very reason that further compels me to pursue it.  For instance, my academic performance in both the GCSEs grades and ‘A’ level grades perfectly meets the entry requirement. I possess ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades in my ‘A’ levels and further ‘B’ grade in my GCSEs which forms the base fulfillment for the course requirement. Additionally, other than academic prowess I hold other talents and gifts which I intend to impart into my colleagues at college. I am a sportsperson playing various games including rugby all of which I would like to give to my peers at the college. Therefore, I hope the opportunity to pursue business management would not only enable me to gain employability skills but also help others in different areas as explained in this paper.  

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