Universal Health Care Plan – Term Paper

I support and this is because of various reasons. The national healthcare plan is an important program especially in America where there are over 40 million uninsured citizens. It is an important strategy where the government finances health care as a fundamental human right. It makes it possible to achieve distributional efficiency in the health care system. In America, most of the people have a limited insurance coverage, the cost of healthcare has been skyrocketing, more people are facing long-term care issues, and there has been a relatively negative health indicators. National healthcare plan should be supported as it would eliminate wastefully and reduce the cost of care, eliminate costly bureaucracy as well as provide all citizens with preventive and primary care which are important factors in improving the quality of care for all.

I do support the Obama healthcare plan. This is because it is an important program aimed at making sure that the healthcare crisis in America involving escalating costs of health care and restricted access to care is solved. It is designed to allow for low and middle-income Americans afford federal regulated and subsidized insurance based on their employer and current insurance. The program helps in cost assistance through a premium tax credit that lowers the premiums, Medicaid and CHIP and cost sharing reduction subsidies for lower direct payments. From my view, the national healthcare plan is helping the healthcare profession as it aids in making sure that the citizens get primary and preventive care at early stages. Physicians and nurses can deal with problem issue at its most initial stage and can also receive funding to carry out research to improve healthcare services (Ferlie & Shortell, 2001). The nursing profession is part of the health care program which means that it would improve. The hospitals would be equipped with various equipment, medicine and other facilities needed in their services, therefore, making their occupation safe and comfortable to work in.


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Ferlie, E. B., & Shortell, S. M. (2001). Improving the quality of health care in the United Kingdom and the United States: a framework for change. The Milbank Quarterly, 79(2), 281-315.