Urban Planning Concepts – Term Paper

Urban planning is one of the fundamental elements in the global city planning prospects. In essence, many countries globally have been experiencing significant challenges in the management of their city population particularly due to the ever-rising population that has had a far-reaching effect on constrained resources. Kpone city development is one of the main approaches that have been taking to avert city challenges in Africa and Ghana in particular. However, city planning is not the main challenge affecting many state urban segments.

On the contrary, the extent of success of urban development has been the main challenge coupled with the development of controls of the city amenities. The reduction of city problems is therefore anchored on effective planning and development of important infrastructure that promotes the sustainability of the city population. This study acknowledges different threats in the development of Kpone city including the choice of best city designs. In particular, the adoption of ‘Main Street’ in the Kpone City forms the main area of focus in the realization of a fully-fledged city in the long-run that will facilitate the development of an attractive Accra city in Ghana.

Urban Studies and Planning

The development of cities in the African and Ghana in particular, is an important milestone in economic development. However, such development in Africa is coupled with a significant amount of challenges involved in the planning and designing of the city amenities and other infrastructural objects. Different interests of city dwellers and other parties pertinent to the region also influence the choice of various subjects. In this regard, this study will provide a critical analysis based on case studies that will inform the adoption of ‘Main Street’ City planning and design mechanism in the Kpone City of Ghana. The analysis based on case studies will provide the foundation for the establishment of a development path that the city can take in realizing status of a modern African city that will ease congestion in the capital.

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Objectives of the Study: 

To identify some of the benchmarks of Main Street Urban design in order inform its viability in Kpone City

To determine the impact of Commercial Store-Front typology in Main Street  development in Kpone City

To determine challenges posed by fast-growing populations in African cities and Ghana in particular.

To evaluate the possible rate of acceptance of Main Street as a foreign ideal in developing Kpone city; Ghana.

Research Questions: 

What are the case examples of successful Main Street Urban designs in the global context?

What is the effect of Commercial Store-Front typology in developing Main Street design in Kpone city?

What viable mechanism can be used to manage population growth in cities and urban centers in Africa?

What is the response of Kpone city residents and other stakeholders to Main Street city development framework?

Urban Planning and Development

This project constitutes a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analysis of cases of cities that have adopted Main Street Urban design in the world. The study will generate critical insights that will inform the development of an informed decision to boost economic performance and people lives in general. However, due to limitation of resources, this study will consider country based analysis of the adoption of Main Street designs that has seen significant success in the long-run. Due to limited supply of resources for research and development, this study will evaluate documentaries of evident Main Street from credible sources such as city councils and municipalities from different parts of the world. Besides, this study will also focus on some of critical scenarios or cases where Main Street urban designs that has met huge resistance or extreme failure. One of the case studies analyzed in this study involves the analysis of the City of Oakley in California. The city forms one of the renowned cities that have implemented Main Street urban development design of enhancing city design. Another critical case is the city of Livermore, California.

  With regard to the City of Livermore, the development based on the Main Street design is anchored on a solid vision focusing on specific target areas. For instance, this study will focus on the El Chamo area that the city Main Street plan focuses on. The regional development based on Main Street design seeks to make the city one of the best destinations benefiting all residents in the proximity while at the same time integrating the design which fits into the neighboring natural context. For instance, travelers along the first street, I-580 realize views pertaining to rolling hills that are intermingled with development on both sides across the region.  While framed by roadways and developments, the main corridors are also incorporated into the Main Street design that is envisioned in this region of the Livermore. The commercial development positioned in Livermore just like the Kpone city is part of the city expansion mechanism and has been anticipated to support Downtown as the main vibrant small holding commercial node. The specific master plan of the Livermore Main Street design is therefore intended to attract a wide range of uses relative to the current uses located in the Unique and changing Downtown of Livermore.

Justification of the Study 

The undertaking of this study happens against the backdrop of many initiatives aimed at enhancing the capacity of Kpone city to contain its population as well as increase satisfaction that residents and visitors gain from it besides increasing its role as a major city in against owing to its proximity to the capital, Accra. In this regard, this study provides essential information that promotes development of a long-standing mechanism of urban life management through a little-known approach called ‘Main Street’ design. This study will provide essential benchmarking information that will enhance the choice of this approach to city management, planning and overall design that will enhance its roles as a residential, commercial and industrial hub of Ghana.