Microbiology Term Paper

Paper on Microbiology:

Microbiology is the science about the living organisms, which can not be seen by the human eye (microorganisms): bacteria, archaebacteria, microscopic fungi and protists. Very often this list is enriched by viruses and protozoa. Microbiology studies microorganisms, their structure, composition, physiology, classifies them, investigates in the context of biochemistry, etc.

Furthermore, the science studies their evolution, their role in ecosystems and their qualities which can be used for the well-being of human beings. There are many branches of microbiology, which study different kinds of organisms on the basis of the environment they exist in and their interrelation with one another. So, such branches as mycology, bacteriology, virology research microorganisms and their impact of ecosystems and human life.

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These branches are extremely valuable for the development of such spheres of human activity as medicine, industry, technology, space technologies, geology and agriculture and veterinary. The knowledge about the existence of microorganisms appeared not so long ago, only in the 17th century with the invention of the first microscopy. At first people did not have the slightest idea about the role and the impact the investigated microorganisms on the world around and human life in particular. On the other hand, the humanity has always known about the processes caused by microorganisms and activity used them for various purposes (for example, brewing, methods to produce alcohol, etc.). From the time of the end of the 19th century known as the golden age of microbiology a great number of discoveries in the sphere have been made which often occur even now due to the development of microscopy and technologies of research.

Microbiology is an important science which opens wide opportunities for people; moreover, the research in this sphere influences the human life positively, health care in particular. A successful microbiology term paper is supposed to be informative, logical and contain interesting reliable data. One should present the historical background of the science and its branches and demonstrate their development. A student will need to explain the value of the science, present its problems and achievements and the methods of the research.

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