Uses of Internet

The internet creates a platform for students to engage in several different learning processes. For instance, by using the internet a student can communicate with international students, take part in chart room discussion, share solutions and ideas, gain experience and knowledge from others, learn about the numerous diverse cultures of the world and if you need a custom thesis at Misrepresentation. M from PhD writers – read more about this site, you can do all that over the internet. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the benefits of internet particularly to students learning process. The internet plays a major role in the student learning process in that, it provides a tool (search engines) through which students are able to find and access information easily and fast. There are so many useful information on the web which are beneficial to students.

For example, a student can use Google to find information for his/her research work, term paper or even when doing an assignment or homework. In addition, the web through the various multimedia e. G. Pictures, videos, audios and animations makes the learning process fun and interactive. The combination of multiple media Is Important In enhancing understanding and improving memory. Another benefit of Internet to students Is that it provides room for creativity and Innovation.

For Instance If a student Is having a problem with his/her studies or he/she Is afraid to seek solutions from the teacher, he can search for the Information online. This Is Important in that it imparts problem solving and decision making skills to the students which are not only beneficial for learning purposes but also in day to day living. The Internet Is a wide and large medium hence providing room for creativity I. E. Students can choose what Is relevant for their studies and what Is not.

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