Vaccination on Children – Term Paper

Vaccination deals with the administration of antigenic materials that stimulates a person’s immune system to develop an active immunity to the pathogens. The paper gets premised on favoring the argument of one Amy Pisani that it is necessary for one’s child to get vaccinated. Amy Pisani’s case got informed by the norm of the parents enrolling their children in either the day care or Kindergarten (Messenger, 2012). She felt that the children should undergo vaccination to remain secure from preventable infectious diseases. 

According to Pisani, children are supposed to get vaccinated to gain protection from deadly and debilitating vaccine- preventable diseases. The first school for vaccination was, therefore, set in Massachusetts in 1809 to prevent the transmission of smallpox. Apart from the mentioned, vaccination can help in saving the life of the child. This kind of treatment gets based on the scientific advances that exist in the medical field (Offit & Moser, 2011). Today, the number of diseases that can be prevented by the vaccine get higher as opposed to those that got avoided in the past. Some diseases that at one point killed many people are today curbed and others are close to extinction. 

Another reason why administration of prevention treatment to children remains critical gets premised on its safe nature and effectiveness when used. Vaccines can only get administered to children through a long and careful review by the health care professionals and doctors. In many instances, it may cause certain conditions of discomfort, redness or tenderness and at times may cause pain to the child. All these conditions get typically noted either at the site of injection or immediately after the injection get administered (Messenger, 2012). A deep insight is also given on the already depicted point of vaccination protecting children from others by Amy Pisani. When one attains vaccination, he or she receives high immunity that will fight most of the diseases. 

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The vaccine also helps in saving the future generation. The children are always regarded as the future of every nation and are supposed to be vaccinated to live long and continue with the nation building. As justifications why the course on giving a vaccine to children is still valid and holds relevance, other bodies have joined hands in ensuring that the objective is achieved (Offit & Moser, 2011). One of the executive director of Every Child By Two Organization noted how far he had traveled in some states in the U.S. to as far as Africa to sensitize mothers on the importance of vaccination to the child. Amy Pisani concluded her argument by mentioning that the subject may possess negative implications but families should develop confidence in knowing that their children get surrounded by a high percentage of vaccinated classmates and personnel. The above vaccination gets usually referred to as herd immunity. 


The debate on whether children should receive an injection is still on course with both sides maintaining their stand. The ideas about the task get depicted in line with the arguments of Amy Pisani who strongly supported the idea of children getting the vaccination. The work also addresses the reason that Pisani brought forth to support her stand. Other reasons have equally been discussed to offer supporting facts to the claims that were developed by Pisani. All in all, the primary objective of administering vaccination is to ensure that children get protected from diseases. 


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