Video and Activity Domestic Workers – Term Paper

Video and Activity Domestic Workers

It is through work that we find to fulfill our purpose here on earth. According to John Paul II, work is a fundamental aspect of the existence of humankind. Work is indeed an important element of transforming the earth as well as adapting the earth to suit the needs.

There are many forms and nature of work, in all these forms work should be dignified, and in this way, all workers should enjoy their full rights. The role of women in domestic work should be viewed more closely with dignity as many of them have faced a lot of injustices in the past, present and could still perpetuate.

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The rights of workers are very imperative and must be observed at all costs. Many governments do not consider domestic workers as relevant employees, and this should not be the case. The entire labor process has to be organized to meet the needs of women and men at work. The rights of all workers should be safeguarded by their direct employers as well as indirect employers. Domestic workers in many countries face torture, oppression, sexual harassment and other forms of abuse with poor working conditions. John Paul II view work in a spiritual manner. He believes that by sharing in work human being contributes to the creation process since Jesus is happy with those who work as he was also a laborer. In conclusion, dignity is an important aspect of domestic labor and employers should work towards ensuring all their workers are treated with respect. Domestic work is not an easy task and should also be considered a form of labor that should be remunerated well with good working conditions.