What Is Globalization Example – Term Paper

Globalization definition

In basic terms, the term globalization refers to the act of integration between various countries from different continents which have come together to form a single unit. Nowadays, the world is simply identified as a global village which is mainly attributed to globalization. Over the years, people from diverse cultures, different countries, and distinct political systems have been unified as part of the current wave of globalization. However, the process of globalization has been associated with quite a number of effects that have prevailed for the past decades. Globalization has been attributed to both positive and negative effects in the world. However, it is crystal clear that the positive effects of globalization surpass the negative results of the same. This essay will critically explain the positive effects of globalization explaining the manner which these effects have been able to out do the negative effects of the same. 

First and foremost, globalization has enabled free trade between countries from different continents. Through globalization, it has opened opportunities that promote free trade amongst different countries. In addition to this, it has relieved many traders the burden of the cumbersome trade restrictions that existed before globalization. In this case, globalization has increased trade activities between the developing and developed countries thereby fostering development and sustainability in these particular nations. In the current international business environment which has been made possible through globalization, people are at liberty to trade freely. For this reason, globalization has played a significant role to ensure that it provides a better business environment with less trade restrictions. 

Through globalization, cultural barriers and restrictions which existed between people from different cultures have been abolished and replaced with a more free world of socialization, integration, and understanding between culturally diverse individuals. Therefore, it has made the world a global village whereby countries can adapt cultural factors and practices which are beneficial to their people in the long run. Additionally, people from different cultures have been able to learn and understand the cultural practices which benefit them while dropping ones which limit their development. 

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Globalization has played a key role in the prevention of eruption of war or conflicts between various countries. For instance, international diplomacy through globalization has enabled rival nations to solve their issues peacefully without having to engage in fatal and destructive wars. As a matter of fact, diplomacy has been identified as a major aspect that has helped prevent the eruption of World War III for the last few decades. It has ensured peaceful co-existence of people in the globe, through diplomacy, integration and socialization.

In conclusion, it is reasonably important to note that globalization has resulted in more good than harm. Despite few negative effects which include but are not limited to culture degradation of some people and destruction of the environment, the positive effects of globalization are far much better compared to the related negative effects of the same. As stated above, free trade, abolishment of cultural barriers and promotion of peace are few among several positive effects which highlight the importance of globalization. For this case, the positive effects of globalization prevail.