Where I see myself in Ten Years – Term Paper

Ten years from now is a long time. In the next ten years, I see myself a self-reliable person who uses knowledge gained in school to change the lives of other people and to earn. I plan to get into a serious relationship in the within the next six years that can later lead to marriage. According to Gregorie (2014), it is important for an individual to get into a serious relationship before the age of twenty-eight in case they plan to have a healthy marriage in the future.

Apart from my personal life, I plan to have completed my MA in Creative Writing. I have a strong feeling that I can be the best creative writer. My plans within the next ten years, therefore, are to study hard and complete my course with the best GPA. I will work with a publishing company where my work will be to come up with a creative piece and get it published. Apart from writing books and other pieces, I plan to have secured a column with either Huffington Post or New York Times where I will be a columnist.

After gaining more experience, that will take at least eight years, I will start my own blog where I will use my reputation I have already gained as a columnist to attract more readers. I am looking forward that within the next ten years, I will have already secured enough funds to assist me in creating my blog. Let me hope that by then, technology will have improved even better that publishing will be cheaper and reputable more than it is now. I will work harder to ensure that I apply everything I learned while in college because according to McArthur (2013), the main goal of getting educated is to come up with a solution to things affecting the community. I can conclude that the next ten years hold a lot for me in the store and it is my responsibility to ensure that I turn these goodies into something worthwhile for my life.     

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