Young Goodman Brown Term Paper

Goodman Brown Term Paper:

‘Young Goodman Brown’ is a short story written 1835 by Nathaniel Hawthorne, who was the American writer. The writer decided to touch upon one of the most important and relevant topics – the problem of faith. In fact the problem is deeper, because Hawthorne tried to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Puritans and their cruel methods of ‘faith’. The writer remembers about the well-known processes of Salem witch trials and wants to criticise them, because many innocent people were killed during the process being accused of witchcraft, which a crime at that time.

Furthermore, Hawthorne felt the guilt, because his family belonged to this sad process as his great-great-grandfather was the judge during the process and sentenced many people to death. The plot of the story is quite interesting. The main character young Goodman Brown goes to the forest and on his way he constantly meets various people, who are going in the same direction. At the evening he sees a ceremony, which resembles a witches’ Sabbath.

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All the people in the forest are initiated into a certain religion, except of Goodman Brown. The man becomes afraid of the rituals around him and asks heavens to help him. Suddenly the scene disappears and he remains alone. Brown does not understand whether it was a dream or not but his faith is damaged and he becomes pessimistic till the end of his life. The story is allegoric and contains numerous symbols. At first Goodman is described in his own society, then he conducts the so called Christian self-exploration trip and then appears in his society again, but he is completely different, because he understands that the people are sinful and nothing can change the situation.

‘Young Goodman Brown’ is an interesting and thought-provoking short story and one should devote much time to understand it and find out all the core points and problems of the plot. A successful term paper on Young Goodman Brown is supposed to explain the core problems of the story, touch upon the plot, analyse the main characters and make their psychological images.

Furthermore, one should take advantage of the critics and improve his knowledge on the story and find all the hidden messages in the text and evaluate the story professionally.

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