Term Paper Format – Video Guide

Video Description: Term Paper Format – Video Guide

Alright, one more thing about our term papers. Here I’ve put a manual on our course site. This was done by the Dean of the School of religion at Lee University. It’s based on Turabian manual of style this is what most Schools of Religion use, what most historical departments use at ecologist so this being a religion course we’re gonna stick with that idea. This is on the website for your use I’ve gotten permission from Dr. Cross and he’s allowed me to use this.

You’ll want to follow this to a tee that typed areas, of course, you’re not going to write this sort of thing in here that’s handwritten that you’ll want to look at these things. The title page is a necessity, and you’re going to want it to look exactly like this.

Of course, this page is not relevant to us it’s just something you’ll want to look at.

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This will be the first page of your document. If you’re going to use headers and that sort of thing title you’re going put the title here of course and if you’re going to use headers like an introduction and all you’ll want to put them just like that.

I expect footnotes to be to appear in their respective format just like they appear here.

There’s some back up here levels of headings you know you got your different levels as if you would have them in an outline maybe this would be based on your outline if you now long before you write.

Long quotes – do not use along quotes just to fill up space. But if there is a long quote that’s relevant, and you just can’t do it out it and your paper, if it’s eight lines or more you’re gonna want to do it just like this like you see here.

All right, that’s pretty much it for the body of the paper please look at this use the different ones if you interviewed someone, if you use an encyclopedia a legitimate psych encyclopedia and not Wikipedia. I don’t expect to see Wikipedia referenced in any of your term papers.

Alright, and we’ll go down really quickly to the last page or the end of your term paper. This will be your bibliography you may have heard it referred to as works cited. We’re gonna have this it’s gonna have to go in alphabetical order I want it to appear just like it is here.

So, alright this is the way I expect the paper to look if it comes in a different format. I’m not gonna accept the paper if it’s you know if there’s mistakes that’s one thing of course points will be counted off for mistakes but so you’ll want to proofread, have your peers proofread it and if some mission sites have resources or people there.