ADHD Term Paper

Paper on ADHD:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the neural­behavioural disorder of the development which starts in the young age. The main symptoms which can help parents identify the disorder are hyperactivity, difficulties to concentrate on something and uncontrolled impulsiveness. From the neurological point of view ADHD is characterized as a stable and chronic disorder which can not be cured. Children are believed to go through it in the process of aging or get used to it being already grown­ups. ADHD has been a controversial topic for discussion among the representatives of the sphere of health care since the 1970­ies.

Many people, including doctors, teachers, politicians, parents and representatives of mass media claim that ADHD does not exist at all and they call this disorder a simple variation of the behaviour of an individual. On the contrary, many scientists prove that there is physical and genetic basis for this disorder.

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According to the data collected in the US more than 3% of children and grown­ups suffer from ADHD. Males are luckier to get this disorder than females, because according to the observations and research, the absolute number of the patients is boys. It is quite difficult to detect ADHD without profound observation. If parents are worried about their child and its disability to focus on the received information, they can ask the professional to analyze the behaviour of the child in two different environments: at home and at school. It is important to study the behaviour of a child in the social environment. In order to reduce the effect of ADHD complex methods have been created.

There are pedagogic, psychological and neural methods of correction of the child’s behaviour, which can improve the life of the child in the society.

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