Analytic Chemist with Expertise in GC- MS Analytical – Term Paper

Analytical Chemist

Dear Sir/ Madam

Ref: A highly self-motivated Analytical Chemist ready to ensure excellence in supporting manufacturing development

I hold awards of two master’s degree in the field of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences with more than four years of experience in both theoretical and experimental analytical chemistry. I equally have vast knowledge in commonly used analytical chromatography techniques and the mass spectrometry.

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Therefore, in the position of an Analytical Chemist, I will be able to work with other dedicated fifteen colleagues with similar expertise to meet the departmental aim. I will also offer technical support in the use of GC and GC- MS for determination of the residual solvent and analysis of impurities from pharmaceuticals and set- up experiments. I am equally familiar with several experimental labs works in gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometer (MS). With this background, I would bring to the position necessary understanding in the use of GC and GC- MS for determination of (Residual solvent) and analysis of pharmaceutical impurities.

Besides, I would also apply my experience from the Organic Chemistry Department where I taught organic compounds to carry out analysis of similar compounds by different spectroscopic techniques. By choosing me for the position, the organization will gain an employee who is knowledgeable in different areas including GMP together with other regulatory requirement related to manufacturing of medicine. I am also an open minded and flexible individual, proficient in achieving the departmental goals with the set time limit. I work under minimum supervision and can easily team up with the other fifteen colleagues with the similar expertise. I hope for the opportunity to discuss how I might augment the effort of your team at Novo Nordisk Organization.;