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Example of article analysis paper

The article argues that strategic operations and management of any organization depends on the nature of its human resource. Evidently, teams can copy aspects such as capital investments and organization structure but cannot succeed in making its human resource entirely the same as its competitors (Lawler, 2017 para 1). Therefore, one approach towards attaining and sustaining competitiveness is through harnessing human talent as a distinguishing factor from other entities. The top talents have the ability to not only influence transformation but also in entrenching itself as a central asset in the operations of an institution.

The author clearly expresses the fact that there are various pervasive changes in the business environment characterized by the integration of technologies and modifications in structures, which imply that all competing firms may access them (Lawler, 2017 para 2). However, the ability to attract the top talents and mobilize them to absorb the emerging changes remains a primary determinant in the successful operation of businesses or any other entity.

The article reiterates that strategic human resource management plays a central role in organizational activities. However, it focuses on tactical ways of sourcing innovative talents without excessive strains. For instance, it articulates that getting for creative talents does not necessarily imply that the institutions recruit their own but can use strategies such as contracting employees, and partnerships with other agencies with a known team of experts (Lawler, 2017 para 5). There must be concerted efforts of the executive to base their system in aligning competencies with specific tasks to ensure they respond to the needs of the organization instead of merely creating job positions to improve productivity and profitability of businesses.

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Sample article analysis paper

I feel that the article succeeds in mainstreaming the concept of strategic human resources management in achieving organizational success. It elucidates critical management aspects such as focusing on appropriate ways and sources of extraordinary talents that can competently implement its long-term and short-term plans as a matter of necessity rather than an option (Truss, Mankin & Kelliher, 2012 p.126). This piece of writing is relevant in the current age that is replete with incidences of organizational failure and increased competition. It is related to the principle of management where strategy comes after the structure, but the structure requires must support the strategic plans.


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