Be creative and start writing – Term Paper

As sunlight streams in through a window, the light illuminates the world within. As a human being, you work the same way when it comes to finding inspiration to write. You must open your curtains as wide as you can in order to let the information flood in. That is the moment when an idea will spark. This includes having a positive attitude, focusing your direction, dedicating your time, and using creativity.

Attitude is key. Be thankful for the chance to learn, and have an optimistic outlook. The reason you chose your major is probably because you are passionate about your subject matter. Perhaps you still must have a general education and take courses and electives you are not necessarily interested in, but changing your outlook on those classes will benefit your education greatly. Look for things related to your major within the subject. This will benefit your overall education.

 The next thing to do is take that good attitude on a walk in the direction you choose. This means that you must personalize the information to your own interests. In my assignments, I always went to the heart of what intrigued my curiosity. I would go to the library and read all sorts of books until I found a subject  so fascinating that I wouldn`t be able to quit wondering about it. I always began to talk about the idea with other people. Often, they caught on to my excitement, asked questions, and gave their own thoughts. Suddenly a research project didn`t feel boring, but like a fascinating mystery instead. The attitude you have towards a project determines how you think about it.

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In order to allow ourselves to grow and ponder, we must allow time to work its magic. Start browsing information when your first find out your essay topic or begin brainstorming for your thesis. Begin working on the project sooner than later. If you research in one direction, you will often find something more interesting that you would rather study. If you allow time, you will most likely be able to pursue that interesting topic. Taking the time to read more broadly also allows you take in more information to process and focus on later.

Another important thing to remember is to be creative. One of my favorite courses in college was an English class where during the semester we read three novels and wrote essays about them. We then had to read each other`s papers and critique each paper one by one. It was a great experience because it forced us to write in a way that was unique and thoughtful. We wanted our papers to stand out. The best way to do this is to pick something that is very specific to you and not general. When coming up with ideas, write something that pursues a new subject instead of choosing a topic that is covered often by other students. Write something you would enjoy reading. Your professor has a lot of papers to read and grade. When you write something interesting, it is good for both yourself and your professor.

If you begin these practices of adjusting your attitude, focusing your direction, dedicating your time, and using creativity, you will set yourself up for lifelong learning. These practices apply to problem solving, careers, and hobbies. It gives you drive and passion. Just remember, if you find your inspiration, you will be an inspiration to others.