Black History Term Paper

History Term Paper:

Black history is the branch of the history of the USA which is related with the African-American population. Black history of the US started approximately in the 17th century with the active colonization of the continent by the Europeans and the people from nearly every country of the world.

Unfortunately, the history of African-Americans was very difficult and controversial, because the first representatives of these ethnic groups were involved in the forced labour, as at that time slavery was quite active in the US. Only in the 19th century slavery was abolished and African-Americans received their right for freedom and self-development. In fact, the abolition of slavery was not an end to their suffering, because till the middle of the 20th century the position of African-Americans was quite unfavourable in the country.

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With the democratization of the US society today African-Americans are the full-right members of the society and have the right to participate in the activity of the country on all levels. In spite of slavery the black history also exists due to the immigrants from various parts of Africa who have assimilated with other people of the US society. Today in order to commemorate the history of African-Americans and their past difficult life every February is celebrated as the month of Black History. During the short period of time of freedom African-Americans have already managed to contribute into the development of culture of the country and the whole world.

Black history is the important part of the history of the USA and it is worth attention. It will be useful for students to learn about the African American history more and prepare a term paper on it. A good term paper on black history should explain the term of this word combination, define the core periods of the African-American history and point out the major events related with it.

The student should observe their history from all sides, define the difficult moments and characterise them objectively. In order to research the problem of history students should apply a range of the useful methods which would reveal all the aspects of black history, its light and dark pages. The student should summarise the research wisely and define the cultural value of black history for the history of the USA.

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