Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy – Term Paper

For the longest time now, Coca-Cola has been the leading producer of soft drinks and refreshments. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, it has grown gradually to become a multinational beverage corporation. The secret behind its success lies in the formula of production that was invented in 1886 by John Stith who was a pharmacist by profession. The company has since franchised its distribution channels to ensure that supply is efficient and adequate for its large market base. Coca-Cola Company has invested in marketing as they know too well that popularity increases withy awareness of their product. 

Other marketing strategies involve sponsorships in the lines of football, athletics, and education. Coca-Cola’s success can be largely attributed to its advertising. Annually, the company spends millions of dollars in promoting and advertising its products. The company goes ahead to incorporate other related industries to market itself. For instance, they have made deals with fast food companies such as McDonald’s to promote their brand. 

Coca-Cola Advertisement Analysis

The first advertisement is that of an Asian seeming lady treating herself to a cold Coca-Cola in a rainy weather. The picture is a good example of display advertising. This form of advertisement requires the use of striking, eye-catching images to get the attention of potential customers as opposed to texts, slogans and wordy descriptions of products offered. It is said that one picture can be worth a thousand words. Display advertising works on this basis, and vivid, colorful images are used to capture the attention of passersby. Human beings are naturally reluctant to reading and analyzing things; that is why you find watching movies is a preferred hobby to many as compared to reading novels. 

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The target population of this advert is the youth. The lady on the advertisement is probably in her early 20 to mid-20. The fact that she is Asian and this advertisement is found in America shows that Coca-Cola appreciates diversity and does not promote racism which is good for such a global company. The picture is taken on a rainy weather to symbolize that Coca-Cola is an all-weather refreshment as opposed to being limited to the sunny days.

The second advertisement is of two Coca-Cola bottles customized with the owner’s names. This is a more effective advertisement as it has a personal touch to it. It gives the customer the sense of belonging and appreciation at a personal level. The target population of this advertisement is not limited to age. However, it mostly targets lovers and friends. The primary theme behind this advertisement is the aspect of sharing. The company urges its customers to share a Coke with their friends, families and lovers and makes it interestingly unique to do so. Coca-Cola Company uses such images to lure customers. Many are the times you come across the images of a well decorated Coca-Cola drink in social places and events. The subconscious mind stores this picture and every time you are planning to get a soft drink, this image pops up in your conscious and influences your decision on the choice of drink.