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Cover letter for police officer

            Police officers and detectives are individuals who have undergone extensive training in order to excel in their work. Since I am interested in becoming a police officer, I have a plan on how to build my career. This is because I want to ensure that my country is free and crime rates are reduced. My plan involves undertaking the necessary education requirements and training requirements before joining the police force. It also involves interacting with the relevant individuals such as those who have retired. Through this, I believe that I will be able to build a proper career.

            The first important step that I want to plan for before joining the police force is to undergo the necessary education requirements. There are different education requirements for becoming a police officer that can range from high school certificate to a degree in college (Gresham Para. 2). However, I plan to attain a college degree so as to have higher chances of being recruited in the force. Basically, I plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice (Gresham Para. 2). This is because it is related to a lot of other fields of study such as psychology, public administration and sociology.  Besides this, I will want to learn about political science or police science as minor areas of study in college.

            Once I complete my college studies and attain the relevant educational requirements, I plan to join the police training academy. The purpose of joining the police academy is so as to allow me to get the necessary training that is required of each police officer (Gresham Para. 3). I plan to be part of the academy for about 14 weeks that has been put forward by the administration. Throughout the 14 weeks, I will gain information on different topics such as traffic rules, defense, conducting first aids and also responding to emergency services (Gresham Para. 3). I plan to deeply engage in the training so as to emerge among the best and as such graduate from the academy directly to the police force.

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Police officer cover letter entry level

            After completing my training program which I believe I will excel in, I will join the police force in the rank that I will be assigned. I want to work in an area that has high crime rates and drug dealing. I believe my starting salary will be $49,500 as a new officer. However, this may increase in the future since the demand for police will be high owing to the fact that crime rates and other insecurity issues are increasing.

Once I have gained the necessary experience, I plan to specialize only on one sector which is narcotics.  I am mostly interested in this sector because I believe that it is a major problem in our country which needs to be dealt with effectively. My success in handling this field will determine my promotion. I believe that with my passion and dedication I will quickly rise through the ranks. However, as I rise through the ranks by getting promotions, I will continue pursuing other relevant courses in the police force. 

            This is the plan that I have in mind and which I believe that will work and get me into the police force. I will ensure that I pursue a degree course in a university that has the best police courses. I will also ensure that I can be able to further my education without any challenges once I am in the police force. The most important thing that I intend to maintain is discipline and respect for each and every person that I encounter on my way to becoming a police officer.

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