Communication – Term Paper

Question 1

A chemical plant explosion can result into fatalities and disrupt the production activities, taint the organization’s reputation, which may also lead to litigation and enforcement. To avoid adverse effect, it is recommended that organization has a standby crisis management team, to assist in the containment of the situation (King 235). The crisis management team may be composed of the team leader, the human resource manager, the media director, the legal adviser, the finance director, and the security director. Each team member performs a specialized function during the crisis.;

The team leader is the coordinator of all activities during crisis management. He is also responsible for mobilizing the employees and providing the directions for safety during the crisis. The human resource manager is responsible for solving human issues during the crisis. The finance director funds the expenditures during the crisis management. The lawyer provides legal counsel during the event to prevent any litigation towards the organization. Media director ensures the media houses received accurate and well-vetted information about the crisis. The security manager provides the initial information concerning the crisis.;

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Question 2

Job interviews provide the first opportunity for potential ion employer and employee to meet and make the first impression. The following are the preparation measures that can increase the chances of employability as a creative artist.

First, it is important to search the company profile, by looking into their mission, vision, current and future goals. This will help brainstorm on appropriate responses during the interview, showing your commitment towards their objectives.

Second, brainstorm the question the interviewing panel may ask and make efforts to get the correct anticipated responses. For instance, they may ask what makes you a unique creative artist for hires and many other.;

Third, choose the appropriate wardrobe for the event, the job description can guide the dress code. For this context, you can wear as a creative artist preferably a black suit, a tie, and well-polished shoes.

Lastly, ensuring that you arrive at the venue 30 minutes before time, will help in managing anxiety and panicking due to the pending interview.

Work cited

King III, G. (2002). Crisis management ; team effectiveness: A closer examination. Journal of Business Ethics, 41(3), 235-249.;