Computer application – Term Paper


Computer applications have grown to be used in different areas of the economy. Different presenters would use computer presentation software to showcase their findings on the various topics of interest that they have in place. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation software that is in the world. This paper will focus on how the presentation will be made in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

As the owner, I will do the research about the crisis intervention, and prevention. I will do the research regarding how to get the records of the various criminal activities and have the data recorded, and stored in a system. The various data assistants will be useful in getting this information. Care will be taken to ensure that the plagiarism is not experienced. There will be measures put in place to ensure that the data will be original.

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The data will then be presented in short form. It will be summarized to have short-forms of the data. It will enable the data to be presented to senior management. There will be the summary of the main points of crisis intervention and prevention. There will be various lines of data which will be produced in the process of getting the data for recording. 

The first step that will be required to be followed will be to open a blank document in Microsoft PowerPoint. It is assumed that the installation of the Microsoft Office Suite has already been done. If this has not been done, then the user will have to look for the Office Suite from Microsoft and install on their computer. The user will then have the blank document given a file name. 

After the file has been named, the user will then choose the theme that will be used. The theme will help to format many features that the user would want to use. The animations, color scheme, and the font family will be included in the theme selection. Most of these aspects are found in the design tab of Microsoft PowerPoint. The training will be offered through these presentation slides. The decision on the number of slides that will be presented shall have been decided. There will be the need to set such aspects as the duration that one slide will remain on screen before they will automatically roll to the next presentation. All these will have to be decided the first encounter with the presentation and design. 

After this, the user will then copy the data that has been summarized into the slides. The slides will then be improved and enhanced. Care should be taken s tat enough information will be provided for in the slide. The standard is that there should be seven lines per slide and seven words per line. If this will be followed, then the presentation will not be too long or too short. The audience will find it satisfactory.

After the data has been put in the slides, the other information will be included in the speaker notes. The speaker notes will help when a deeper understanding of the issues is required and needed. The speaker notes will be the notes that are not summarized and still in their original formats where they were long and tedious to go through. It is the databank of information regarding the crisis management which will be the reference points for the speakers. They will refer to this content from time to time.