Concepts in English 1301 – Term Paper

English 1301 is an academic course designed to improve student’s critical reading as well as writing skills. The lessons learned in English 1301 are usually helpful in various classes especially while handling assignments. Further, the course is not only applicable in academics, but also in future career applications such as creation and analysis of work documents. Notably, the skills learned in the course are applicable in all the fields. However, there may be arguments against the importance of the course. Some people may doubt the application of the course in areas such as sports as well as visual and performing arts. Therefore, the essay will focus on various concepts learned to prove that the course applies to all fields. 

The development of ideas as learned in English 1301 is helpful in boosting a person’s ability to think critically. During the course, development of ideas is one of the most emphasized concepts. The course trains a person on how to come up with argumentative ideas which are as a result of thinking critically. When a person masters the art of developing ideas from rhetorical topics shows that their ability to find solutions and ideas is remarkable (Trilling, Bernie, and Charles 25). Apparently, critical thinking is applicable in every field since everyone is required to make a decision that may enable them to perform better in their career lines. 

Additionally, the ability to organize and write the developed ideas greatly helps in building a person’s communication skills. A person develops effective communication skills after knowing how to arrange the arguments in a presentable order that would easily convince another person (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 54). Regular practice on essays such as persuasive and argumentative essays broadens an individual’s ability to make presentations which are applicable in all fields. Even in arts, various artists pitch their ideas to the producers and sponsors (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 54). The skills learned in English 1301, therefore, makes a person have ideas on how to present their work or ideas.

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After the study of English 1301, the student’s confidence in the discussion of topics is significantly heightened.  Notably, during the development and presentation of ideas, the students are taught on how to give coherent and clear answers. Usually, when a person is sure of their answers, they gain confidence which is also an important aspect of communication. Everyone needs to communicate with confidence so as to make the intended change regardless of the career path. 

The collaborative approach in the discussion of ideas during the course provides a person with the skills required in teamwork. Teamwork is a mandatory requirement in all the fields (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 54). Specifically, sports require well-established teamwork than any other career path. Therefore, the collaborative development and discussion of ideas help a person to know how to work with other team members and how to communicate during a group work. 

Concepts such as the reading, collection, and analyzing information are outwardly applicable in all fields. In future, every person may be required to read a new knowledge from books or any other source (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 56). The skills learned in English 1301 will help the person to identify the key points highlighted in the document and make necessary adjustments to their career.

The emphasis on using the correct grammar and style builds a person intellectually. The proper use of grammar and academic methods while writing essays makes a person to be knowledgeable (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 24). Currently, all the careers stress on the need of being an intellect which is achieved in English 1301 (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 24).

Even though some people may argue that writing skills may not be applicable in other fields at least one of the writing aspects may be used. For instance, researchers in all areas fully utilize all writing requirements including referencing styles and organization of ideas thus showing the importance (Trilling, Bernie, and Fadel 56). Evidently, English 1301 can be applied in all fields thus stressing the need to put more efforts in the learning of the course.

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