Cover Letter for Academic Advisor – Term Paper

I am an experienced advisor in the academic and business field. My skills have been sharpened during my internship in BJ’S wholesale club in Westborough where I maintained all daily correspondences with various partners of the institution. During my years of study and internship, I have interacted with students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds who enhanced my understanding and knowledge in this field. I recently stumbled upon an advisory job posting and I am confident of my capacity to fill that position based on my education background and experience in the field.

I am strongly committed to the advisory field. This can be illustrated by the positions I have previously held in different organizations. I have been a relationship support intern in the Citibank of Philippines; I was responsible for advising and processing account openings for clients. Additionally, I have worked with wealth access international holdings where I was responsible for addressing customer’s complaints on the products and services of the firm. I have taken part in several projects connected to this field. For example, the consultation projects- old Sturbridge village software project where I was commended for making the best decisions.

In the CEO project-Hanes brand Inc, I received the highest score in class for investigating the current risks and challenges facing the company and developing sound strategies to address the challenges. I demonstrated my leadership and management skills as a Media and Event planner in the Clark university graduate school where I designed and organized multiple big events. I look forward to holding further discussions of my background with you. Thank you in advance, for your consideration.

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