Criminology Term Paper

Paper on Criminology:

Criminology is the discipline which exists on the cross of the law and social disciplines, which studies crime, the identity and the nature of the criminal, the cause and effect of crime and the ways and methods of its prevention. Paul Topinard, an anthropologist is considered to be the first one who used the term of criminology.

The methodology of criminology is quite rich, because there should be many different ways to investigate a crime, detect the origin of the criminal, predict the possible crime, etc. The most useful and effective methods which are widely used in criminology are: statistical method, the method of interview, testing, sociometry, the method of observation and experiment. The method of statistics is quite useful if one wants to find out about the average age, sex of a criminal, the motives of crime, the most common time and place of crime, etc. Such data can help one predict the crime and probably prevent it.

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The method of interview is very useful, because helps to get to know about the personality, character and behaviour of a criminal from the first sight. If one learns the typical behaviour from a criminal, he will manage to catch the other similar one. Sociometry is a valuable method which gives the criminalist the idea about the structure of the criminal organization, their members and hierarchy and the interrelations between the members of the group. The method of observation is also a useful method, which is helpful to collect data for the analysis. Finally, the method of experiment can show the reliability and the professional skills of the police and other organizations to protect against criminals and prevent crimes successfully.

Criminology is an extremely important discipline, which has the aim to protect people’s lives and rights. Every day people suffer from crimes and the task of criminology is to find out the most effective methods to prevent and investigate crimes. A term paper can be called a successful one if it explains the meaning and the value of criminology from all sides. A student is supposed to explain the methodology and the schools of criminology in detail and describe every point profoundly. Finally, the paper should contain a good conclusion with the analysis of the importance of criminology for the safety of the human society.

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