Electronic health record meaningful use – Term Paper

The advent of computers brought about by the computer era and technological advancement has resulted in major changes in the health sector. One such change was the introduction of the Electronic Health Records in medical centers and health facilities. The application of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the medical field has over time led to massive improvements in the quality of health services being delivered to patients. As a result, health information concerning patients is now more organized digitally unlike the old days when the records used to be handwritten in charts and books. The organized storage of the records hence makes patients health information easier to share and transmit in electronic form. 

Digitization of health information through the use of Electronic Health Records has, therefore, resulted in efficiency in health service delivery as a patient’s health records can easily be retrieved with the click of a button. The EHRs also enhance accessibility to a patient’s clinical information making the diagnosis of diseases easier and faster. This is particularly important during times of medical emergencies where a patient’s medical records are in urgent need.

Efficient and timely response to medical issues that require urgent and immediate attention creates patient satisfaction and confidence in the health services that they receive. This consequently creates a sense of safety and quality in the efforts directed towards patient care. Though several barriers such as difficulties in operating the systems, lack of patient information safety, and changes experienced in the medical field prevent the EHR system from being adopted fully by every health facility, the ones that have adopted it have been able to realize its full benefits. The Electronic Health Records, therefore, serve to ensure that patients receive quality services that are safe and tailored towards meeting their specific health requirements.; ; ; ;;

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