English as a Lingua to Promote Peace between Two Entities – Term Paper

Cultural difference in the Middle East has led to conflicts between different communities. The fight occur more between the Arabs and the Jews. There have been efforts to help in bringing peace among the two communities but to no avail. The difference in culture has brought a lot of misunderstandings hence the need for English to be applied so as to help improve the situation. English is a common language in many parts of the world. English have been used severally all over the globe to bring togetherness among different nations and communities who are conflicting. Any language that is common can be used to bring friendship and as well promote peace. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the English language can be used to establish peace between the Arab and the Jews in the Middle East.

By using English as a Lingua Franca, we can understand the two communities which are the Arabs in Israel and the Jews. The enmity between the two distinct groups can be resolved through coming up with ways in which English will be used to end the long distance fight among the two tribes. Language is known to play a very vital role in the social interactions. Cultural values and social roles are also passed from one generation to the other through language. France played a crucial role by using the English language to implement their laws. The head in France banned the Muslim women headscarf, and till today the people live in harmony. The coexistence of these women with the large population of France is still good.

Use of English Franca has had so much help in fostering understanding between the two communities and brought hope for peace. The war is known to be a political, military tension war. The rise of Zionism is the leading cause of the war. These two different communities are good in the English language. The war has kept on shifting from large scale to a regional war. The war can easily be stopped if English was used to join the two groups together. An easy way of bringing the two communities together is by calling for a joined conversation. English is a familiar; language and if every address would be done in English peace can prevail among the two fighting tribes.

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The study will take a qualitative form; first two tests will be conducted to determine the efficiency of the participants. These will include written and oral tests their scores will be analyzed to pick those with the highest scores. The study will involve a coexistence program, whereby 5 Arab students and 5 Jewish students leave their original lingua-cultural community for 17 days and encounter interlocutors with American people (which mean people from different linguistic background than their own). English is the only means of communication between both sides who don’t share a primary lingua-cultural background. Data will then be collected through interviewing the students who participated in the program about their experiences and use of English, and then analyzed.


In the United States, living and being exposed to different cultures can contribute to peacemaking. The citizens of the United States use English as their official language. English is a language that can be used to address many different groups in the world. English brings together people of various levels together. In the US, every situation good or evil is expressed in the English language. In the United States, different communities live together and in most cases, fights erupt but since they all understand English, they end up reaching a solution. The perception is brought about by the togetherness in the different groups. The ideas of sharing a common language comes in and triggers the need to have a solution to the indifferences of the people have a conflict. The Jews and Arabs are superb in English communication. There is the need for the two communities to realize the importance of using English as one language and this will bring togetherness among these two communities The many different communities use English as the bonding factor. Skin color and racial differences is not a determiner of peace. The use of English as a Lingua Franca has contributed to making America peaceful. 

Some communities interact with communities who possess different cultures just to understand their ways of living, and this has so much contributed to resolving conflicts in different parties. The Jews and Arabs had to leave their cultures and venture into America where English is the native language. The English language has played a vital role bringing together conflicting parties. Acts like community wok bring people together where the two groups shed off their differences and work together towards a common goal. The team brings unity while conversing together and sharing common ideas which help them build a more healthy relationship. The common language is a key factor in determining the future of a community and the relationship with others. America prefers English and values it in improving relationships among many nations.

Peace is a vital need in any community. Peace is the determinant of the future in any given generation. Language and negotiation always go together. The language will always bring the understanding between the two group negotiating. Employing the language of a larger community brings about acceptance and understanding. English is recommended for communication and peace linguistic especially in the modern society. Competency of peace and well-being will always help in describing the new semantic. The major places to apply the peace linguistics are social gatherings, education sectors and in political affairs.

English is an lf contributor, especially in the reconciliation process. The act of being able to express your ideas is crucial in the reconciliation process. The different teams should be able to come together exchange their differences and peace will prevail after coming up with a justified answer to their problem. In many conflicts among the nation, English have played a vital role in bringing together those parties and uniting them back as one. The English language acts as peace agent in many countries of the world. English have helped in much reconciliation and coming to a neutral ground after understanding among parties.


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