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Ethical Decision in Nursing

Nursing is the practice of provision of care to the sick. A nurse is supposed to care for the patient no matter who he or she is; they deal with all issues professionally. Nurses are professionally trained to analyze and make ethical decisions. Ethical being the right judgment. In this course work we are looking at the way some parents deny vaccination to their children due to some beliefs they might have maybe social or religious. We will also see the states’ point of view on this matter. Also, the moral and ethical dilemmas on the basis of the issue; and try and see what decision a nurse can make and what can be done to avoid this kind of thinking from developing into further generations.

Nurses tend to give vaccination to young ones. These vaccines are meant to prevent one from infections or diseases that can affect one’s life permanently like polio. The vaccine stimulates an individual’s immune system to develop immunity to viruses. Vaccines have been used for centuries and have 90% been responsive. The other 10% tend to be non-respondent to the vaccines due to lack of some antibodies. Most parents see vaccination as a way of protecting their children against some diseases like polio, measles, yellow fever, influenza and much more. Others argue with this fact and even go to the extent of accusing the vaccines of giving the children diseases. This debate began with a small group which now has increased in number, and this brings a worry to all of us because this is making our future generation prone to diseases that we can avoid. One mother openly said that it is the vaccines that gave her child autism, which is a disease observed from early childhood that makes the child not communicate or relate to others as expected. There are no medical facts to show that the vaccines are affecting anyone negatively so far, but the medical institutes are glad to have some few who believe in the vaccines. 

Ethical dilemma analysis

Back in the 50s, our grandparents never used to have these vaccines administered to them, and they were fine and even lived longer than we do these days. But doctors say that the developments currently bring effects, and these diseases have proven to exist if one is not vaccinated. There was a recent spread of measles from people who traveled abroad and doctors say that most of this people did not get their vaccines when required. Most of us believe in the vaccines and even have got them, and that is why we live healthy to date. These others who do not believe cannot be taken against their will to acquire the vaccine because it would be a crime; this is optional. 

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Arizona State Vaccine Requirements say that vaccine would be given to the child only if the parents agrees and understands the risks of the vaccine. If the guardian does not consent to the vaccine due to maybe some beliefs, then the vaccine will not be given to the child at any circumstance; this is something optional, and the state does not want to dispute one’s beliefs.

In advising this ethical dilemma, I would suggest that these vaccines, before being given to these young ones, it is good to check the date of expiry, whether it is the right time for administration of this vaccine. The parents should also be educated on the importance of these vaccines during their pregnancy. This should also be included in the education system so that children can learn that getting these vaccines is very important for them and the future generation. Doctors should also be sure of the diagnosis and make sure that the vaccines do not have any effect then or later in life; this would help us live healthy lives and avoid sicknesses that would have been avoided.