Ethics and Business – Term Paper


In the recent years, there have been issues that can be considered as either ethical or unethical business practices. Such issues have raised a lot of concern around the world especially in the media whereby several debates have been noted to cause a lot of problems as well as business downfalls. Ethical in business can be considered as the behaviours that a business is a bond to undertake in its daily concerns or dealings with the world or the best business practices that businesses consider as right or wrong which involves or impact the way a business can be conducted or carried out (Velasquez & Velazquez, 2011). It can also be noted that ethical or unethical business practices concern not only what the business should do to make their clients happy or not happy or even unsatisfied, but also determines the one on one dealing with the business and other stakeholders part from customers and the employees. Today many businesses are only interested in making money while on the other hand, they are not ready to support the people that share the same functions to maximize the money or the profits made by them. Therefore, this means that the unethical part of a business is what affects contemporary business towards their successes to the customers and other stakeholders. Therefore. It can be considered that in the past as well as today, several unethical issues are taking place in our workplaces. The values that we believe ethical have lost their definition, and organizations have changed towards making profits and forgetting that ethical practices in the workplace are essential towards business or organization sustainability and success. This paper will, therefore, discuss, business ethics in the workplace.

My Past Organization Ethical Situation

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While at my past organization, it is to note that I was able to encounter various unethical practices. The employees through the pressure from the management we always on unethical problems while they were executing their roles and chores in the workplace. The ability to comprehend the right steps to avoid such problems was also an issue among the employees because most of them also did not have the needed training or skills to manage unethical practices of issues in the workplace. Therefore, with the skills, I was mandated to handle all the problems associated with unethical issues in the workplace.

From the experience in the workplace, I considered that the problem was brought about by various factors such as 1. Apart from the limited training that they had, they were also ignorant about the right ethical steps to take in the workplace. 2. They were also not able to comprehend between the good and the bad or ethical and unethical practices. Hence, they found themselves doing or taking part in unethical practices most of the time. 3. The management was not concern about the actions or the steps that the employees were taking as long as they did their roles in the right manner, the organization gained profits, and they increased the customer base. After an analysis of the above factors, I come up with measures that could help curb the unethical and uncomfortable practices taking place in the organization. I ensure that before I left, there was a team that could take care of such problems in the future if they at any time took place in the organization.

Measures taken

The workplace called for various measures to curb the menace created by unethical practices; they needed to ensure that the workplace was conducive it what it does, the following were the measure taken:

First, I requested the HR manager to secure funds as well as resources that can be used to train the employees on ethical values needed in the workplace, because this was a problem that most of the employees were lacking.

Secondly, informing the employees as well as other members of staff that I found to be doing unethical practices, the importance of working in an ethical workplace. Besides, I also informed them of the negative effects that come with taking part in unethical undertaking within the workplace.

Thirdly, ethical evaluation was part of the performance appraisal features for the organization. I introduced it so that the employees could be able to come up with the right attitude towards ethical workplace values. So that changes or improved their decent performance were rewarded and those that did not change were punished in various ways such as pay cut among others.

Lastly, entire workplace ethical evaluation was key to having a better workplace that abides by the ethical standards stipulated by law (Velasquez & Velazquez, 2011).

Changes Seen

After taking an analysis of the performance of the organization after training as other measures were implemented, the organization had improved its production by 30% and that its lawsuits that were higher in the previous years also reduced by 50%.


It can be concluded that an ethical workplace is an ideal way to manage an organization or a workplace, and it is the success determinate to profitability and manageable workplace. Training on the same is key towards ethical skills and knowledge. Thus, we should ensure that our organizations are managed in the most ethical way possible to reduce organizational or workplace risks.


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