Five Product Elements for Nilodor – Term Paper

Core Product Benefit

The product benefit describes what the customer is likely to experience upon purchasing. Therefore they are the actual features the products would have when used. Nilodor can remove any form of odor that appears unpleasant to the user of the product. It ensures a healthy environment always associated with pleasant smell. The product works its neutralizing mechanism whereby it overcomes any extent of a bad smell. Its presence, therefore, overwhelms bad odor irrespective of its nature. A tiny drop of the product is enough to do the entire task hence one does not need to apply much of it. Further, for safety purposes, it is advisable for the user to use a single drop.

Basic Product

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This element of Nilodor describes what the customer would experience after purchasing the product. The product has a pleasant smell, so it was able to overwhelm any bad odor affecting a given client. It smells like a sweet ball gum, and the smell is concentrated, so one does not need to apply too much of it. One is required to use only one drop of the product which can serve the user removing a considerable amount of odor from the point of interest. It can be used to overcome a terrible smell whose source is not known, for instance, a rotten smell of a dead rat which is hidden. It emerges to be effective removing bad smell by its neutralizing sweet smell.

Expected Product

The core product outlines the actual benefit that a customer expects from buying it. The customer expects an excellent product which is useful in the removal of bad odor from the environment of a human being. A customer, therefore, has the hope of doing away with any form of unpleasant smell within the surrounding. Nilodor would remove bad smells of urine from the mattresses. It would also be able to help clean the house generally if an unpleasant smell persists. A customer who could be having severe natural odor may have the solution by applying the product on his or her body. The core benefit, therefore, describes the client’s expectations following the advertisements.

Augmented product

Some features of the product are likely to emerge which are much beyond the expectation of the customer on the purchase.; This is therefore concluded as the augmented benefit of the product. The customer will realize that a single drop of the products able to help in the cleaning of the carpets besides the primary reason, that is the removal of odor.; It can also be used to clean the cotton cloth and enable it to retain its desired color. On this note, it appears to go beyond the primary functions that the customer knows in prior. The additionally discovered uses are more pleasant surprises to the client who identifies a unique application.

Possible changes in the future

The designers and manufacturer are most likely to incorporate some changes in the product to make a difference on how the customer considers it. The manufacturers may make it more colorful so that it appears more appealing to the eye, which persuades one to buy it. It would be very common to see almost every buying the product after it would widely know that it;s very effective in its function.

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