Product Promotion – Term Paper

Business and product promotion is a challenging undertaking but with the perfect and the right tools it becomes an easy task and results into success. CleanSta is a cleaning detergent that comes in different options to the customer; it comes in three main basic attributes; the first one comes with no scent while the other three come in three distinct scents of Lavender, Strawberry, and Red Rose.  CleanSta caters for all laundry and utensil cleaning purposes while providing a variety of options for the customer. The product that comes with no scent ensures that the customer may clean their utensils comfortably without the worry of excess rinsing to get rid of any scents that may be left on the utensils while providing the best shine. The customer may also do their laundry with the scentless CleanSta and apply scents of their choosing. While the other three scented options provide a quick and an easy way to get the best fragrance on the clothes. 

The packaging of the product shall also come in differently colored containers of varying quantities. The packaging will reflect a unique and sophisticated design to bring an aspect of pride by associating with the product. Packaging should be in 500 ml, 1.5 liters, and 2-liter containers. The product will be facing a steep competition and a highly dynamic market, but with the proper promotion then it can offer sufficient threat and meet the expected market margins. The product should offer back the invested capital within the first seven months of operation.

The market aimed is that of detergents and the home market as it will be used for laundry and utensil purposes. The market is a broad one as the product aims at being utilized in roughly 30% of the homesteads in the country within the first year of launching; this will ensure a high return and a perfect market penetration while building a strong portfolio. The second year, the product should be focusing on an international recognition as it should have reached the foreign market through international distribution channels and retail outlets. The reason behind the market targeted is that it is a market that is highly elastic when it comes to customer loyalty and is highly price elastic as competition has a high influence on the customer behavior. This means that CleanSta with the right marketing should be in a position to enjoy a high sales peak at the beginning of the undertaking while a favorable price will ensure that customers run to the product as a cheaper substitute for the already existing products. The main factor that influences the choice of the product is that the consumers for detergents and cleaning agents love experimenting when it comes to new products and thus product promotion will set the right pace for the product. 

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Vera Farmiga would be one of the best options for the promotion of CleanSta; she has featured in several movies that show her to be a family woman, a loving mother who would want the best for her family, on top of that she has topped the charts with the high selling ‘The Conjuring Films’ and ‘The Bates Motel’. In both the movies she appears to be a woman who cares for her homestead and shows a lovable personality. The customers and the market target would take that, with Vera Farmiga in the ad for CleanSta then the product is outstanding. This would influence the customers greatly on choosing CleanSta over other products that are in the same line.