Food diary – Term Paper



Day: Sunday

Day: Monday

Day: Tuesday 


one slice of whole grain bread

two slices of Canadian bacon

one cup of coffee





One cup of  fresh strawberries

One cup of milk

One doughnut

Back coffee

One grated apple




One peach

300ml yoghurt






one boiled egg

one apple fruit


1-2 amplify protein in a shake



Steamed broccoli (1 cup)

Tuna sandwich

Soda (300ml

One banana


Grilled salmon

Chicken breast

one diet soda

Open-faced ham and Swiss cheese

A half wheat pie added with teaspoon mustard oil



Corn chips



String cheese

One orange fruit

20 peanuts

Beef sandwich


300ml water




Chopped slices of beef

Grilled vegetables

Cucumber peppers

one cup of milk





Two peanut butter

Roasted beef wrap

300ml soda


Green salad (1 cup)

Chicken breast

Tomato shuffled chicken salad




One cup applesauce

Packet of potato crisps




Warm milkshake

Box of  Cookies

Chocolate Brownies

Apple fruit pie


Today I drank a lot of fluids since it was a sweltering day

Today’s meals were not nutritious for a healthy diet

Steamed broccoli was my favorite meal of the day






My meals today were full of fats.

The grilled salmon was my friend’s idea and was nice.

After supper I went for a walk and later dessert.


I started with three-kilometer morning jog.

Most of the today’s meals were cereals

Today’s favorite snack was the beef sandwich

I went to watch a movie after supper.




1. Most of Sunday’s drinks were influenced by the hot weather. 

2. Sunday’s dinner was the meal I chose to cook while really hungry. That was the meal I was really hungry. 

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3. Tuesday’s dessert. I chose an apple fruit and chocolate bars just to pass time as I watched a movie.

4. I was on a diet challenge not eating pizza for the three days. I successfully ‘survived’ the craving for pizza.

5. Trying to remain lean is my biggest influence on the diet I chose

6. Health and nutrition does not influence decision making in my meals. 

7. Dinner on Sunday. I ate grilled vegetables, cucumber and a cup of milk plus beef slices as protein.

8. The unhealthiest meals I took were green salmon and chicken breast which are termed as fast foods.

9. I went for a three kilometer morning joy early Tuesday morning.