Toulmin Method of Argument – Term Paper

Toulmin Method of Argument

Warrant, also known as a bridge is a rational connection between supporting facts and the claims; explaining how or why the data backs the claims, the core assumptions that links the data to the claim. A rational connection, the manner at which the fact logically connects with the claims will be explicit such that no more explanation from the author is needed. Presentation of the data without a clear explanation to the audience on how it supports the thesis will bar the reader from connecting the relationship between the two or even come up with wrong conclusions.


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Claims: I think that we should be going to gym at least once in a week.

Evidence: going to the gym will help us become strong and healthy.

Warrant: We as sportsmen, we need to be strong and healthy at all times.

Toulmin Method of Argument

Claim: Work is a fundamental dimension of human life on earth.

Data: The words of Genesis: “‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it’ even though these words do not refer directly and explicitly to work, beyond any doubt they indirectly indicate it as an activity for man to carry out in the world. Indeed, they show its very deepest essence. The man is the image of God partly through the mandate received from his Creator to subdue, to dominate, the earth.”

Warrant: If the man works as ordered by God, they will promote the growth of the land together with everything in it. The fruitfulness implied in the scripture refers to the productivity that man is expected to deliver in all aspects of life.

Backing: People all over the world believe that God created human beings, therefore, as the servant of God, they have to follow His commands. The scriptures command human race to work since through working they worship God, and at the end of all this, they are expected to present ratio of what they have worked for, as a tithe or offerings.

Counter Claim: For those who fail to understand or are non-believers, will end up arguing that the scripture is misleading, yet they are not able to become hardworking to emerge beneficial to our society.

Rebuttal: Some will disagree with the scripture, but the majority of those who believe are fruitful in the world. The essence of the biblical scripture is to guide the people in the Gods way since the Gods way is the right way, then it is ethically acceptable and moral for a man to work.