Freshener Products – Term Paper

 Despite this, the product is suitable for a multi-purpose usage whenever needed for instance freshening the surrounding environment or the need to eliminate unpleasant smell (Ml, N.d). From smokers to pet owners, the nil odor freshener comes in handy based on its capaNil odor deodorizer neutralizes undesirable scent fast thus providing long lasting effect within a second with the application of a single to remove undesirable odor quickly. The intriguing aspect of the product has intensified its buy by customers across Australia (“Nil odor | Australia & New Zealand,” N.d). 

The need for freshener products is based on the fact that we all have our worst smellers. Ranging from pets, often considered the four-legged family member, to lingering smell within the travel bags, the unpleasant scent needs to be eliminated. The highly concentrated nil odor product presents consumers with a simple solution on the elimination of strong odors. The concentrated deodorizer is capable of performing multiple functions with a single drop. With the use of a single drop, the freshener can breathe new life into a 30 cubic meter area for approximately 24 hours. The elimination of bad smell from the working environment or at home further intensified its need by the consumers. The deodorizer can be dropped on the lighting bulb to energize the living room. Despite this, nil odor can be added to a cleaning solution whereby dinner guests can get a whiff of the kitchen. With the ability to zap off foul odor in seconds, the surrounding space is filled with uplifting and sweet floral fragrance. The fascinating aspects associated with the product include long lasting effects, works in seconds, ready to use, non-toxic, 200 drops per bottle, and its use around both pets and people (“Nil odor | Australia & New Zealand,” N.d). Often, customers find new jobs for the use of their favorable concentrate. Some of the places often utilized by the consumers include bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, closets, trash receptacles and litter boxes (“Nil odor | Australia & New Zealand,” N.d). The extensive use of the product by the consumers has scaled further its purchase from distribution stores.  


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