Graphic Design Personal Statement – Term Paper

Graphics design is my number one career choice. I did not stumble upon it by mistake but it was rather through a painstaking journey involving interactions and self-internalization. I believe my innovative and inquisitive spirit made me immerse myself in the graphics world. Being a young person in the digital age, much of desire to fix and offer practical solutions has been influenced by technology. From an early age, I have always tried to seek easy ways of making work easier in my immediate environment. I believe I inherited this trait from my parents that have always encouraged me to work hard towards my dreams and goals. The strictness and the discipline my family instilled me has been invaluable in ensuring that I don’t veer off from my target goals and pursuit for perfection. I believe this hard work is expressed in the graphics world. Just like any other field, the graphic design one’s utmost attention and focus. This focus, however, can only be attained by through self-discipline and hard work. This is what I hope to bring in at the University of Houston if admitted to major in graphic design.

Graphic design is my passion

My personal life has in itself prepared me for this opportunity through many experiences. I have been a leader on the varsity team. My talent in the pole vaulting game elevated me into leadership. Through this experience, I have learnt the value of making best decisions at all times. I have appreciated the value of other people and the blessing of opportunities. Though I was denied an opportunity at U and H, I am optimistic that this time I will have a chance to grow my potential through this opportunity. Naturally, my desire to further my knowledge in graphic design must precede anything else I do. However, I am cognizant of the fact that graphic design is not easy as many perceive it to be. Graphic design thrives in an environment laced by passion, competition and emerging trends. I am passionate about this field. This is outrightly expressed by my past endeavors as an amateur app developer in a platform availed by Apple App store.  It is also reflected in my past undertakings in my senior year at a signs company, Fast Signs.   The competition in the graphic design area is high. It brings the much needed adrenaline rush that pushes one to work hard and be more innovative. I believe this push is what I need to realize my potential not only in the real life but also in the professional context. The excitement with graphic design does not stop there. Graphic design is constantly evolving incorporating designs. It demands one to be inquisitive and alert to these developments. I am tech-savvy and thus my mental frame and goals are totally in line with the qualities associate with the graphic design environment.

As I gain experience in his field, I believe I’ll be behind the social change that my highly fragmented community needs. I hope to use my intellect to show my younger brothers and sisters that passions can be turned into careers through sheer hard work. I will also use my pursuit as a celebration of every humble family that believes in its own. Despite my father being a strict disciplinarian, he never once dismissed my graphic design dreams as useless. He never understood what the field entails but he appreciated the effort and passion I immersed in it. All my family members have gone through college and thus understand my burning ambition to be part of the University of Houston fraternity. My grades attest to this as I was top 11 percent which means I was a handful away from being in the top 10 percent. However, my chance to be automatically admitted into the university were cut short by a mere point after attaining an ACT score of 20 instead of 21 points.

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I believe my desire to pursue graphic design is not only about passion but rather a realization that life is short and fragile. My friend Nick Peters has been grappling with Leukemia for long. He embodies the spirit of a fighting individual despite being terminally ill. His positivity pushes me to live my life fully. Nick Peters does not wallow in self-pity but looks at life from a fearless lens. He dares to see the next day just like many of us that are healthy but not aware how lucky we are to have the power to pursue our passions uninhibited.  It is this realization that continues to keep me grounded in my passionate desire to learn how to be the best graphic designer at the University of Houston.