Great Educational Background – Term Paper

My brother, who has turned out to be a successful man in his carrier is one of the most accolade people in our family. He owes his success and the great name that comes with it to the University of Wisconsin, from where he graduated with a degree in Agribusiness management. The University of Wisconsin is top rated, and its pride runs deep in every alumnus of this school. Being successful like my brother as always been my ambition, and I believe that I could achieve what he has and much more from this university of Wisconsin as it has much to offer to me. My objective is to find a solid foundation of obtaining a position at my family business, and that is specifically the main reason behind my transfer to the University of Wisconsin. Additionally, one of my hobbies is travelling, and thus I would take much pleasure in travelling to the city of Madison where the university is located.

As my fellow students excitedly planned on a million vacations they would take once there was a term break in school, in my mind was how I would have every detail of business management in the palm of my hands, and that was why I originally chose Kent State University. Additionally, it was close to my home where the family business of which I am a shareholder is located so I would efficiently and conveniently be able to deliver my responsibility as a co-manager in the company Family Board. Initially, I believed that business management was the one course that would enable me to take pride in the continuity of the great footsteps that my grandfather set when he started the family company. I have always worked hard to make sure that the company does not only grow in the US alone but internationally. However, I have come to realize that my goals and aspirations would be best achieved if I take a degree in Agribusiness Management, which I intent on obtaining from the University of Wisconsin.

To help me achieve my primary objective of business management, I have been a member of the business club at my current university for quite some time.  In this club, I have equipped myself with all the relevant knowledge that I have applied so far as a Family Board member. The skills I have gained so far and that have proven helpful in my career journey include developing personal traits that help me relate well with my colleagues, how to relate with customers and ensure that they are fully satisfied as well as making, formulating and applying a business management plan that is realistic. I have gained all these skills from the Kent State University where I currently study, but am still compelled that business management is not purposely what am destined to study in order to achieve my career objectives.

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Becoming a well-rounded individual with great educational background and knowledge in the agribusiness management has become my biggest dream. This dream I have can become a reality when I secure a position in the top-rated university in the field of agribusiness management, a university which markets itself from the great positive changes it has brought to people’s lives, and thus the University of Wisconsin is the place I feel assured of achieving all these in one package. My successful and respected brother, alumni of this University as well as others I have come to know through my brother have a solid foundation in their respective careers and positions, and thus I so much desire to share in to this pride with these successful men and women. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin guarantees me a high-rank position in the family business as the school will equip me with the best there is in the agribusiness management field.