My educational journey – Term Paper

I have quite a unique academic history, which started in 2002, and it has been a learning process that has made me the person I am today. My educational journey started with me as a young, 18 year old student with ambition to be a health professional, but with little experience in studying at a major university. Throughout many years of hard work, persistence, and dedication to learning, I have turned my college career around, earned a Master of Science degree, and now am pursuing more education to better my future.

My college career started in 2002 with my interest in pre-pharmacy directing my coursework to the University of Arizona. I lasted a total of four semesters at this university, which included an intense summer semester. Leaving with a GPA under 2.0 and without much hope, I turned to community college where my college career did not improve. Lasting many years at the local Tucson community college, I took one class a semester for many years, never earning better than a C in any course. The bright spot during this time was that I became certified as a pharmacy technician and learned the trade in pharmacy. There was little hope for returning to any university anytime soon, but I knew that I wanted more from myself I wanted to be better in many aspects in my life, education included.

I decided in late 2009, after close to seven full years of college life, that I wanted to change my career path and become a physical therapist. Meeting with several advisers, I found exactly what I needed to do in order to gain entrance into a physical therapy program, but my biggest obstacle was my GPA. Many physical therapy programs required at least a 3.0 GPA and my current GPA at the time was under 2.0, which looked bleak. Many advisors told me not to even try; it wasn`t worth the effort is what they told me. With that in mind, I first increased my GPA by taking one class at a time, dedicating my time to learn material rather than just showing up to class. My first milestone was getting a B in my anatomy and physiology class. Once my GPA hit 2.0 after getting two B grades in science classes, I enrolled at Arizona State University with a fresh, new start in the Exercise and Wellness program. Once enrolled, I hit another milestone; I earned my first A grade in a class, but I did it in all four classes in which I was enrolled. The next milestone; I earned Dean`s List, but I did this in every semester while enrolled at Arizona State University. This educational experience was valuable in many ways, but I earned summa cum laude at ASU, moved on to a Master`s degree program in Exercise and Wellness, and I increased my overall GPA, with my entire past included, to an astonishing 3.10. While I never gained entrance into a physical therapy program, I instead found my current program, echocardiography, and will make a great cardiac sonographer someday soon.

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My most difficult academic problem was one that would`ve sent many into dropping out, giving up, and never pursuing excellence. I decided to take matters into my own control and I worked hard, despite the many voices stating that it is not worth it. Because of this dedication, I was able to gain entrance into an amazing program at the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and I look forward to being an amazing practitioner someday.