Anthropology Term Paper

Paper on Anthropology:

Anthropology is the complex discipline which studies the origin of a human being, his development and existence in the natural, social and cultural environment. The history of the term ‘anthropology’ is quite old. In ancient Greece Aristotle used the term to define the discipline which studies a human being in the cultural sphere of its existence. Nevertheless, the discipline which is known today appeared only in the beginning of the 20th century from the range of the humanities. The main discipline which influenced the development of anthropology is philosophy, no wonder; the discipline was called ‘philosophical anthropology’ at first. Then, such disciplines as psychology, the history of art, theology, etc have made a considerable contribution into the development of anthropology.

Today anthropology has divided into the separate branches and there are such disciplines as: philosophical anthropology, religious anthropology, physical anthropology, social and cultural anthropology and visual anthropology. Philosophical anthropology studies the human being as a unique form of existence. Religious anthropology studies a human being in the context of theology, the place of a human on the balance of the real world and the spiritual supernatural world. Physical anthropology studies the origin of a human, her development in the context of history and palaeontology. Social and cultural anthropology studies human relations in society in the context of the definite country, region, continent, etc. The field of research is very broad and such questions as the traditions, customs, ethnicity of people, their language, law, politics and economics are studied here. Quite a new field of anthropology called visual studies a human being recorded in movies, film and photos.

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Anthropology is quite an important discipline which studies people from all sides, but mostly focuses on the spiritual and cultural values. A good anthropology term paper is expected to be interesting, informative and present as much information about the general fields and spheres of research of the discipline. A student is supposed to explain the value of anthropology for the humanity and support his opinion with the trustworthy evidence. One should present the types and the related to anthropology disciplines and show the connection between them. Finally, one can try to present his own prediction concerning the further development of the discipline and its problematic questions and spheres.

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