Hiring, Recruitment and Job Analysis – Term Paper

What is the general aim of the article?

The aim of the article is to bring out a clear analysis of the relationship that exists between a person and job, person and a group, person and an organization and person and supervisor fit with the pre-entry and the post-entry criteria at the individual level. 

What did you learn from it?    

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One of the things that I learned from the article is that theories have the same proposition that people tends to experience job attitudes that are more positive whenever their attitudes and sentiments are well satisfied.    

Critics and or remarks

One of the remarks of the article is that the basic notions that exist between the four domains of a PE fit offer a way that is meaningful in the assessment of how to fit the various aspects of the work environment influence the behaviors of individuals as well as the attitudes. The other remark from the article is that it clearly brings out the fact that fit matters. In this, it depicts that even during the short pre-entry encounters; the various types of fit usually influence the attitudes and the decisions of the people. The other remark on the article is that it emphasizes on the need for the researchers to consider the research question, sample characteristics, and the evidence prior concerning specific fir relationships before they can determine how to assess fit in the particular investigations. The last remark is that the results depict strong evidence as to why the multiple types of fit for the work related behaviors and attitude are imperative. One of the critics of this article is that even though efforts were made to collect the related studies, they were not adequate to look into the moderators of the person and group as well as the person and supervisor fit relationships. The other critic of the article is that most of the articles that were reviewed had the methodological flaws which tend to threaten the interpretation of the results that were obtained. The last critic is that the use of the PSIs usually suggests some of the fit relationships that are not supported sufficiently whenever the regression analysis is employed in the reanalysis.