Human Resource Management – Term Paper

Labor Law Compliance

Consistency with government and state work and business laws is a clear requirement for any business to survive. The basic way of uniformity is a zone that merits human resource need consideration (Kerolina & Pougajendy, 2015). Human resource is eventually in charge of guaranteeing that the organization knows about its commitments on equivalent business, working environment wellbeing, representative advantages, working hours and wages. Proceeding with training and expert improvement for human resource staff members is one approach to guarantee they have up and coming learning about consistency issues (Kerolina & Pougajendy, 2015).  Yahoo should ensure that it updates it legal formalities with the government especially those that relate to health and production techniques that the company uses (Berman et al., 2015). 

Hiring system- Compliance, on the other hand improves the hiring system of the company since it offers job security to the employees and the protection of their rights (Berman et al., 2015).   

Training program- It can also develop the training program of the company by acquiring all the legal requirements for all the training programs that the company intends to offer to its employees (Berman et al., 2015).  

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Compensation- To increase the compensation, the compliance can assist the company to follow the legal requirements on the payroll that the law provides for the employers and the employees (Berman et al., 2015). 

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Poor engagement ranks and low morale among the employees are usually the first signs of job dissatisfaction. Confidence, willingness, and commitment of the employees are all intangible processes and cannot be easily measured by the management or the human resource department at Yahoo organization (Jose & Mampilly, 2012).   However, Yahoo organization can employ a technique referred to as the employee satisfaction surveys that are very helpful and can be used in identifying the working conditions and situations that may be instigating the personnel to be less than passionate or enthusiastic while performing their daily operations at the firm (Kerolina & Pougajendy, 2015).  For this method, surveys to be completely effective, the human resource department must or should deliberate on the survey results and thereafter perform a comprehensive analysis together with the organization’s management so that they can develop good action plans that can be used by the supervisors, team leaders and managers in the organization to control the operations of the human personnel (Jose ; Mampilly, 2012). Action plans can also provide an excellent road map that can be used for resolving employment problems and also formulate a follow-up strategy that will assist the company in designing improvement projects and using the same technique in sustaining improvements (Head ; Alford, 2015).


Duty regarding finance falls between the payroll and accounts department and human resource offices, frequently prompting to issues with exact installments to staff. Human resource keeps up records about pay, benefits, rewards and connections of profit, while records are entrusted with really making the installments (Berman et al., 2015). This makes a potential separate that can prompt to the finance being run late or workers getting the wrong holes in their wage parcel.;

To keep up the spirit and anticipate future pay issues, Yahoo business ought to examine the capability of utilizing a devoted finance arrangement that interfaces specifically with your human resource programming and record framework (Head ; Alford, 2015). By joining both offices electronically, the majority of the manual cerebral pains connected with pay can be settled consequently.

Devoted finance programming guarantees staff gets paid what they are qualified for when they expect it. The human resource division in Yahoo organization will likewise profit by a diminishment in questions, better spread the workload all the human man resource ought whatever is left of the month (Berman et al., 2015).

Employee queries

The human resource division gives the interface between “the organization” and the staff. This implies with regards to business issues, question or inquiries identifying with work, the human resource department is the purpose of the first survey (Jose ; Mampilly, 2012). Managing investigations on pay, advantages and execution administration surveys on a sensibly typical premise are standard, additionally to a high degree tedious, particularly when information is not promptly accessible. Each time an individual from the human resource division needs to pursue down an installment detail, or the specifics of an agreement variety, they can’t concentrate on any of their different obligations (Head & Alford, 2015).

A devoted human resource framework in the organization keeps business information incorporated prepared for simple recovery and fundamentally decreasing the time taken to answer every question (Berman et al., 2015).  More propelled framework permit “self-benefit” style access to a few information, allowing staff to answer their very own large number more fundamental inquiries themselves (Head & Alford, 2015).

Solutions and Gap Linkage

Payroll, employee queries and employee satisfaction are three solutions that can help bridge the three gaps. With good payroll, the company will be able to hire and maintain highly trained personnel because it will be able to increase its compensation plan. Also, the company is able to fund the training programs of all the employees by giving them maximum training allowances (Head & Alford, 2015).

 In the same way, employee satisfaction and queries provides a mechanism that ensures that only highly skilled employees are hires to work in the company (Head & Alford, 2015). The two helps the employee understand the terms of employment and compensation plan. If there is need to increase the compensation of an employee, then it becomes very easy for the company to explain the changes to the employee (Berman et al., 2015).


It is possible that all the above mentioned alternative solutions can be vetted regarding costs, risks, benefits, and their impacts on the company. The solutions can be ranked in the order discussed below with the first three being mutually exclusive.

Employee satisfaction- for better and quality production processes in the organization, Yahoo management must ensure that all the staff working within the firms are fully satisfied in all aspects (Jose & Mampilly, 2012).  Employee satisfaction is the only sure way of encouraging them to give better results with minimal supervision.

i. Costs- employee satisfaction is an expensive process since it generates no direct income to the company. Rather, it is used to encourage the employees to improve their productivity so that the business can produce quality products that will eventually generate high income and revenue for the firm. Yahoo budgets for this process and ensures that it is part of the annual capital allocation for various departments in the organization (Jose & Mampilly, 2012).  

ii. Risks- employee satisfaction is a non-profit procedure that Yahoo uses to benefit indirectly from its employees. Jose & Mampilly, (2012) says the risks associated with this kind of operation are a loss of capital in situations where the employees have failed to reach the targeted production level by the company and wastage of time trying to encourage the employees to give better results when the company can hire more skilled personnel to do the tasks at reduced costs.

iii. Benefits- in the event that there are improvements in the rate and quality of production, then the company will eventually make more sales and improve on the income and revenue margin (Jose & Mampilly, 2012).  

iv. Impacts- with good profits and income from the sale of its goods and service, Yahoo can ensure continued survival in the market regardless of the changes that may take place in the market system (Head & Alford, 2015). The company can also expands its operation and create additional employment opportunities to people.

v. Benchmark criteria- the internal benchmarking was used since Yahoo is an already established company with running processes and policies that the employees and the management are well aware of and can be related to the cost and outcome of production (Azis et al., 2013).