The Dimensions of a Complete Life by Martin Luther King Jr. – Term Paper

A significant proportion of the global population is familiar with the name Martin Luther King Jr. The name has been associated with significant achievements whose benefits can be pointed out in the present decade. Unlike other revolutionists whose accomplishments were linked to some form of bloodshed, Martins choice of nonviolent techniques in the pursuit of his dream allowed the occurrence of a peaceful transformation. The legends governing principles that had been derived from the combinations of Christian beliefs and his history; these two aspects made Martin believe that change could be achieved in a civilized manner which prevented further loss. This essay analyses the dimensions of a complete life by defining the components of the dimensions, discussing their application and essence in everyday life.

The three dimensions are equated to length, breadth and the width. Length encompasses an individuals wellbeing that is personal dreams, achievements, and failures. The Length of life is two-sided i.e. it has both the negative and positive forms. Negative length can be manifested as obsessiveness to achieve making a person to self-centered and thus willing to do anything to will regardless of other peoples rights. On the other hand, an individual can express a positive length of life through self-love and understanding. Breadth can be summarized as the interpersonal relationship. It comprises all the ethics that govern how people relate regardless of peoples backgrounds, races, classes or age. Lastly, the Width encloses a persons religion that is one’s relationship with a much higher power. Martin Luther believed that for life to attain some considerable level of perfectionism, all the three dimensions need to be included.

The three dimensions tend to define all the relationships that establish a peaceful coexistence. For instance, the realization of an individuals personality enables people to appreciate their capabilities and incapabilities. Such attributes allow one to be comfortable within a given environment, thus encouraging self-appreciation which in turn limits the impacts of inferiority and superiority feelings within the society.;A good intra-personal relationship which is often emphasized by a good spiritual life leads to positive inter-personal associations. The links between the three dimensions are thus directed towards a single goal which is a complete life.

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However, any negativity in either the length, width or length results in an imbalance which can be interpreted as an incomplete form of life. For example, a negative length encourages a self-centered nature which gives some individuals a false illusion of being superior that others. Such attitudes lead to the development of rifts within the society where the antagonists strive to prove their beliefs. The population that is being treated as inferior often try to show that they are not while the one that is superior fight to maintain the position. Given the sensitiviy of the balance of the life dimensions, long term peace can only be achieved through the restoration of each dimension.

Like any other Martin Luthers speech, life dimensions is a notion that will still be applicable in future generations. Such an assumption is attributed to the dynamism of human environment which often interferes with a pre-existing balance. Despite the present decade civilization, violence is still being witnessed in various regions, internalization of the life dimensions ideology can be the real solution to such challenges.;