Hurricane Matthew Effects – Term Paper

Hurricane Matthew is the recent disaster that took place in North Carolina that left about 27 U.S citizens dead and destroyed a lot of properties in the areas. The disaster was characterized by wind damage, flooding, and power failures. FEMA played a significant role in mitigating the effects of the catastrophe by mobilizing personnel and resources to support the state and tribal to deal with dangerous conditions such as the flooding that was surging at a very high rate. FEMA through mobilization of federal agencies to provide resources and necessary equipment required to prepare and respond to Matthew Hurricane, it saved many lives and a lot of properties. The body was alert all night, and it provided assistance as needed by the victim. It provided food to the victims, about 958,000 liters of water and 48,000 blankets which were distributed by the state, local, and tribal officials (FEMA, 2016).

Individuals who required emergency health attentions were taken care of within the shortest time possible. Those who became depressed as a result of anxiety, anger, and worry were provided with therapy afterward as well as the necessary medications. Moreover, FEMA provided the victims with valuable information such as the helpline to call in case they needed medical or therapy attentions. It also provided health information such as people should avoid using contaminated medicine such as those that might have been affected by flood or water. Their approach was effective since they also assisted individuals whose properties were destroyed to recover their assets through insurance claims, grants as well as giving loans (Martin, 2016). This was to avoid the depression that might emerge as a result of the loss of property which might lead to chronic diseases.


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