Information Technology Assignment – Term Paper

Information technology assignments

Assessment Task 1: Contract

1. a) Main aspects of establishing a contract.

Offer: An offer is an expression by the parties to be bound together willingly by a legally enforceable contract upon mutual acceptance. The intention of an offer is to create a legal binding agreement.

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Acceptance: It is the final closing of an offer agreement.

Consideration: It defines the value with promise of performance.

The capacity of parties: Defines the ability and competence of parties to enter a contract considering their age, condition and status.

Formal requirement: It must be in writing.

Terms: Terms set and agreed by parties.

b) Boundaries of a contract.

Application of principles

Unilateral right

Ability to compel

Estimation of obligations

c) Client feedback about a contract.

The client was very impressed with the contract and was willing to commit to it with immediate effect.

2. IT contract details.

An IT contract must include the details of the agreement such as the:

Description of services or products to be offered

The receiver of the services

Start and end dates of the services

Receivers of the services

Modes of Payments

Terms of the services 

3. a) Stakeholders.

The stakeholders in an IT contract are the board of the organization receiving the services, suppliers of the products and services and the end users of the services being provided 

   b) Ways to seek agreement with stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement can be achieved through communication, consultation, planning, compromising, taking responsibilities, and sharing success.

4. a) Questions to a vendor in a contract negotiation stage.

What are some of the potential risks and liabilities in this contract? 

What are your current and future expectations in this relationship we about to get into?

What are your terms on compensation should anything go wrong?

What other alternatives do you currently have should we fail to give you this contract?

   b) Techniques of contract negotiation suggesting protection of my client best interest.

Make a priority list with alternatives

Know the difference between what you need and what you want

Know the bottom line, this will help you know when to walk away

Assess all the potential risks and liabilities.

Be liberal and try walking in the vendors shoes

5. a) Objectives of contract performance monitoring.

The objectives of contract monitoring include

Cost control

Schedule control

Compliancy with the specifications

Compliancy with the terms and conditions..

   b) Key criteria of contract effectiveness monitoring.

The two key criteria of effective monitoring are the direct observation and indirect observation. 6. a) Steps to address unsatisfactory vendor performance.

The unsatisfactory vendor performance can be addressed through

Straightforward and efficient communication to the vendors

Reviewing their commitments to meeting the terms of delivery and quality.

Suspending the under performing vendors.

   b)  Recommendations to solve contractual variations

Plan in advance

Check the figures more often

Monitor the vendors behaviours

Prepare yourself for late costs.

Never presume variations can deliver a profit.

 7. Persons to approve recommendations for contractual exceptions.

The management committee, directors, and the service provider must approve the contractual variations.

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Assessment Task 2

Pearl White Dental Clinic and Delights Inc. Software Development Contract

Beginning from ______________  to _______________ Perl White Clinic and Delights Inc. Software Development Contract will be entering into a contract under which Delights Inc. will be required to undertake the following: 

Take mouth image from x-ray the x-ray machine.

Save the images on a server.

Make dental staff access the images on the server

Compare a patient different images

Monitor a patient health.

Add notes to patient images

Develop a patients customer database

Connect patient customer database to the booking system.

Develop appointments trigger on patients booking.

Setup a Secure backup system

2. Budget projection

The estimated budget for this project will be $ 30,000.

3. Services.

Install windows server 2008

Connect Pearl White computer networks

4. Payment methods

The payment methods will be through bankers’ cheque, bank deposits, and bank transfers only.

5. Delivery

Delights Inc. shall deliver the Software to the Pearl White, no later than 60 days after the Contact first date or as soon as commercially practicable by the Specifications.

6. Validity of the performance contract 

Delights Inc. Software Limited will be obligated to fulfill its duties within the required time and within the agreed budget (Voigtmann, 2008). The company will be liable for any loss damage or breach of privacy within their system. The performance contract will be valid for period is two year. 

7.  Terms of renewing the performance contract

At the expiry of the contract, the companies will discuss new terms and conditions based on the previous performance. Should they agree, a new contract would be signed bounding them for another period of not more than two years

8. System Monitoring

The ICT department of Perl White Dental Clinic will do monitoring of the system. 

9. System Maintenance 

The Delights Inc. Software Company will undertake system maintenance.


By:   ___________________________________





By:   ___________________________________






IT agreement

Assessment Task 3

Section I: Group Work (Contractual agreement with SCEI)

The IT manager held a meeting with the client, and the following issues were extensively discussed; 

The boundaries of the contract.

The vendors based on the current technology need.

The contract details as per the vendors and the clients, solutions to any problems that may arise.

The stakeholder’s influence including the administration, staff, sales teams, and other external agents.

An extensive review of the available resources.;

Under the boundaries of the contract, the IT manager and the client agreed that the client would offer quality services to the company within the allocated budget and timeframe. We discussed the flexibility in the budget to accommodate the dynamic nature and the emerging trends in technology. As per the policy of the organization, the timeline was agreed not to be adjustable as the company looks forward to implementing any new technology that may arise with the shortest time possible to keep with the changing technological trends. The policy of the organization required the client to be committed, self-driven, and available when required at any given time.;

We considered the available vendors are evaluating the risks that may be involved concerning data security and privacy of the organization’s website users. A range of available website builders such as Weebly, Google website builder, Winx was considered due to their robust frameworks. The Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal were also discussed weighing their advantages and disadvantages. After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the website would be built on the web application frameworks like Laravel, Yii Framework or Code Ignitor. The contract details as per the client and the organization bounded the client to be liable for a period of two years under which they will be responsible for data loss, any application errors, any system failures, delays in operations, poor performance of the site, and continuous improvement of the website (Santos & Silva, 2015).  

The importance of stakeholders was also sensitized. They client was to come up with a wireframe and an illustration of the site and demonstrate to them its functional and nonfunctional requirements to get their opinions. However, it must be noted that not all the stakeholders are interested and know what they want. Their views will change with time thus not all their suggestions will be implemented since the site will be developed using the waterfall model, which does not define the process of going back to the completed phase.

Section II

With websites, the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, a good site must exhibit the following characteristics. 

Originality and freshness of the content, which are relevant to the SCEI members and the stakeholders.

A friendly User Interface with an outstanding implementation of User Experience including responsiveness. The website must contain a site map for easy navigation on the site.

Simple, dynamic, and professional design. A maximum of three colors must be used which are primarily the organization’s colors.

Loading speed of the website. Speed is gauged by the number of seconds the users waits for the page to load. The number of graphics in the site also determines the speed.

Search Engine Optimization: This technique helps the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask to rank and find the website within the millions of sites available.

Compatibility with different browsers

All the functionalities should be available at any given time. Page errors, blind links, and broken links should also be fixed.

The target audience must be kept in mind

A contact and a feedback form must be included in the site

Integration of the website with the analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Mint, Crazyegg, and many others.

The site was designed as per the standards and met all the above criteria as discussed during the first meeting. However, the analytics tools are not fully implemented as it returns some errors when viewed using the Google Tag Assistant thus needs to be fixed. In general, the website was designed as per the contract agreements thus no deviations.


Santos, J. , ; Silva, M. (2015). Price management in it outsourcing contracts. The path to flexibility. Journal of Revenue ; Pricing Management, 14(5), 342

Voigtmann, M. (2008). Negotiating ‚Äėtake it or leave it‚Äô contracts. Control Engineering, 55(9), 17.