Term Paper on Manifest Destiny

Destiny Term Paper:

Manifest destiny is a notion of the American belief which means that the settlers of the USA had a high and important mission to expand the whole continent from the east to the west. This belief was created in the 19th century and was especially widely used during the Civil War. Manifest destiny is a very important factor which managed to unite the people of America and create a single independent country. The governments of the USA always used this belief to get the support of the people and to involve them into a certain process, for example a war, struggle for their independence. No wonder, the attitude of the party of the Wigs, which tried to save their colonies, towards manifest destiny was totally negative.

The idea of manifest destiny appeared in the period of Romanticism and this belief is often called the variant of the Romantic nationalism, because people were told that they are chosen by God to create their own country and protect it from enemies. With the run of time, the notion became used in a bit different context. For example, during the two world wars the USA played the role of the protector of the world and manifest destiny of the country was to maintain peace. Today the country has its manifest destiny to maintain democracy and protect the democratic values and achievements all over the world.

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If one has decided to write a term paper on the topic, he should read a lot to get to know about the origin of the notion, its explanation, interpretation, etc. There are many books which give completely different explanations of manifest destiny and a student should work out all the opinions on this topic to find possible advantages and disadvantages of all the ideas. A successful term paper should be interesting, informative, contain reliable facts and provoke the reader to think about the problem. It is important to explain the meaning of manifest destiny on the direct examples from the history of the country and finally conclude the paper professionally presenting the role of the notion for the well-being of the USA.

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