IT Personal Statement – Term Paper

The year 2016 marks my 10th year working in the IT industry. Throughout the 10-year period, I accomplished most of my career and academic objectives. Over the course of my career, I have successfully worked with several organizations in different positions, each coming with its unique challenges and benefits. During this period, I have gained experience across the IT Service lifecycle from Pre-Sale to Delivery, and today, as Head of Delivery, I am leading a team of over 50 SAP Cloud consultants, delivering global projects. Additionally, I have played part-time visiting faculty role at Management institutes during this journey.

Computer engineering personal statement

Academically, I managed to complete the Master’s program right after my undergraduate studies, and have done two research publications. I believe that now is the right time for me to start working on another academic objective, which is to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Management Information Systems. The first reason for applying to the proposed program is my strong academic and career background in the IT industry. Another reason is that pursuing a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems would allow me to improve my abilities and skills, especially in areas such as research and teaching. I believe that this program will place me in a better position to pursue my academic career and accomplish challenging tasks in the future. I am quite ambitious and always willing to challenge myself. This program will allow me to push myself to new heights, and will form the basis of achieving other difficult objectives I have set for myself. I am also motivated by my inner drive to enter the program to explore and learn about new phenomena. Through this program, I expect to carry on some of my previous studies and discover new things in the field of Information Systems.

I obtained my Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Periyar University in 2004. Shortly afterward, I enrolled into an 18-month full-time Management Certification Program at the International Institute of Information Technology, Pune, and completed it in 2007.

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I am hardworking, keen to detail, and like challenging myself because I believe challenges exist as a means of motivating individuals to work harder and think creatively; I believe that my research publication is a result of the same. In 2006, I developed a case study titled “Successful SAP Implementation at Network Clothing Company (NCC),” and published it in the European Case Clearing House. In 2007, I published and presented a peer-reviewed research paper on Knowledge Management at the 10th SGBED International Conference (conducted by Montclair State University) in Kyoto, Japan.

During my professional career, I had an opportunity to work with various customers across the globe, including a two-year on-site stint in Munich, Germany. This multicultural work experience not only helped to gain experience, but also helped me personally to learn and respect different cultures.

I am strongly committed to success and believe that the best type of success is one that helps solve real-life problems. The several awards I have won are proof towards the same. These awards include the ‘Value Contribution’ in 2008 and the ‘Excellent Contribution’ award in 2012 that recognized my effort at L&T Infotech, which is among the top 10 Indian IT companies.

My future career plans include assuming academic responsibilities and acting as a role model for young professionals in the IT industry. I believe that I am strongly prepared and committed to the proposed field of study, and pursuing this program from your institution will go a great way in making me accomplish these and other personal objectives.