Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development

Disaster and National Development Term Paper:

Natural disaster is the catastrophe caused by the natural forces (wind, water, heat, etc.) which damages human property and even threats human lives.

National development has always depended on the geographical position of the country, the climate and the strength and frequency of the natural disasters there. It is obvious that a natural disaster can damage the economics and industry of the country seriously, that is why this factor plays the key role for the normal functioning of the country. Moreover, when the country suffers from the constant natural disasters, its people and economics becomes exhausted and tired. The brightest example of the country which faces natural disasters quite often is Japan. The territory of the country is situated on the range of isles in the Pacific Ocean which is considered to be quite dangerous. No wonder, tsunami, storms and heavy rain are common problems for the country.

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Moreover, the territory of Japan contains thousands of active volcanoes which explode nearly every day. As a result, the government of the country has to be very skillful and smart to cope with many problems connected with the natural disasters which influence the national development. The calmer areas of the planet which do not experience frequent natural disasters become more vulnerable if something bad happens. People do not know what to do, how to behave and how to save their lives. The more tense areas, like Japan turns out to be more prepared cool-hearted during the disasters, because the people have been taught what to do.

Natural disasters influence national development greatly, that is why the country and the people should be always prepared to act when the dramatic situation occurs. In order to prepare a well-organized natural disaster and national development term paper one will need to read a lot about the topic. It is important to know how natural disasters influence the development of the area, district or the whole country. It is obvious that there were cases in the world history connected with the destruction of the whole towns and civilizations only because of the power of nature (for example, volcano in Pompeii). A student should realize the strength of nature and explain the danger of the natural disasters for the safety of a country and support his point of view.

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