Requirement of being a good student – Term Paper

Education is a major pillar of our diurnal lives. People escalate from one stage to another in the various learning institutions to become successful in their lives. Success in the modern era eminently depends on a person level of literacy and level of education exclusively. Acquisition of success in education has a fundamental requirement of being a good student. This involves putting tremendous effort to obtain exceptional results in every specific course/subject. The essential tips of being a good student are discussed below;

Maintenance of good attendance. Commitment to classes should be high priority and should outweigh all other temptations. Furthermore teachers` pay significant attention to the level of involvement students demonstrate throughout the lectures. These will be the same teachers that bestow letters of recommendation and will decline to vouch for you if you`ve barely attended lessons. They even mark the exam sheets and might just fail you. Furthermore a good student must draft educational goals and pursue them unconditionally. Educational goals give a student immense focus and sense of direction. They further incorporate a vital and positive academic attitude. These goals motivate the student to employ maximum effort to obtain the desired career aspirations. A good student should take and review notes. Notes during lectures should be taken in an organized understandable manner. These notes provide a basis of memorizing the concepts, retention and ability to pass the exams remarkably. Development of regular study time. Acquisition of a diurnal studying routine coupled with high level of consistency will yield excellent results for the student. This involves devoting at least two hours of your daily schedule to books with maximum concentration and in a conducive environment. Proper time management. Good students should effectively allocate time for the daily activities and express high level of punctuality to all school programs. Procrastination should be strictly avoided because it creates an overload of assignments, work and projects that in the end will be completed hurriedly and poor grades will be issued. Take full advantage of all institution resources. Every educational institution has resources like libraries laboratories which good students have to frequent to enrich themselves with free valuable information as a surplus to class notes in order to achieve marvelous results. Engage in fruitful discussions and focused discussion groups. Naturally our intellectual capacities differ such that some students understand quickly and the rest understand slowly and both kinds of students merge to form a team/discussion group to further understand the concepts their application and improve problem solving skills. 

Engage in more practice and attempt more exercises. Some courses require a lot of practice such as math`s physics and this requires the student to attempt many trial numbers and solve problems. This improves the problem solving skills and a student attains good analytical skills. Good students should exhibit high level of responsibility, activeness and ask questions in class. Good students should have active participation in class and ask questions to secure the knowledge they don`t have or seek to find. This helps them to attain full understanding of the concepts without any additional research.

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Good students should maintain a smooth harmonious relationship with their tutors/lecturers because their goals are identical. The students find immense happiness in obtaining outstanding results as well as the tutors find great joy in helping the students achieve excellent results.

In conclusion students and their tutors should work together and tirelessly to achieve the results they desire.