Korean War Term Paper

Korean War Term Paper:

The Korean War is the severe military conflict between the Republic of Korea (South) and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North). South Korea was supported by the forces of the United Nations, the democratic countries which struggled for the intensive improvement of life, democracy, tolerance, freedom and peace. North Korea was supported by the totalitarian countries, like the Soviet Union and China.

After World War II the world became divided into two blocks: the democratic world and communistic world and both block tried to attract as much allies as possible in order to gain dominance against the other block. Korean War was the result of the struggle of these two worlds for the new ally in face of Korea. The war started in 1950 and lasted till 1953. North Korea wanted to unite the whole island under the control of the communist forces. The Soviet Union and China provided North Korea with quality assistance and more than 130 000 soldiers fought under the communist flag.

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The attack of North Korea was sudden and very soon it occupied South Korea. The United Nation’s troops organized the contra attack and the long conflict began. There have been many attempts to calm down the fighting sides and to divide the island in a half, but these attempts failed. The war lasted for three years and the conflict took more than 3 million people from both sides, including soldiers, officers and civil victims. Even nowadays the countries still do not have any political and economic contacts, being enemies and remaining in the position of the so called cold war.

Korean War is one of the numerous military conflicts which occurred after World War II because of the constant completion between the communistic and democratic world. The student who has decided to prepare a good term paper on Korean War should read about the problem a lot and collect only the trustworthy facts about it. It is a complicated task to analyze the war from all sides, but the student should try to do it objectively and evaluate the impact of the conflict on both Koreas. One should analyze the problem professionally and always relate the events with the political and financial situation in the world.

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